“Time is gold” is a very famous saying, but managing time is no simple task and most people fail to keep up with the pace of their own lives; meetings, appointments, dates and a very long etc. It is very simple to forget things that are not “urgent” and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT), the software developer giant, is aware of this.

Microsoft email system has been one of the most used by individuals and companies to communicate, leaving an accessible trace of every single step and the company is always trying to find ways to make it more useful.

Cortana 10 aims to help users organize better their schedules. Credit: Taringa

Cortana 10, available for Windows 10 users, is an artificial intelligence that can finally allow users to feel what is like to have a personal assistant. Having a human personal assistant has many advantages, but the most important would have to be reminding the boss important things. Now, “the commitment feature” allows Cortana 10 to scan your email looking for dates, deadlines and appointments and create alert notes based on the information. The scan is entirely local until the user decides to create the alarm or note which is when the info is shared with Microsoft. These are exciting news for sales personnel, executives, secretaries and many other professions that are definitely going to hail the new feature. This is optional, though, the user can limit or even disable the “commitment feature” in order to avoid unnecessary notes and alerts.

Now the second most important advantage of having a personal assistant has to be scheduling. Online calendars are very common these days; organizing, keeping track and setting alarms are among the already available options this kind of software offer. The calendar feature will allow Cortana 10 to analyze your routine and tell you about irregularities. Do you usually assist to meetings in the morning and the board decided to meet in the afternoon? Cortana will be able to inform you, so you can reschedule or, at least, be aware. What about having dinner with a potential client? Well, the AI will warn you if you have something scheduled for the next day in the morning.

The possibilities seem to be endless and this is sure going to be very helpful for thousands of people. The “commitment feature” is only available in English and in the US. The calendar feature is available in both the U.S. and Great Britain.

Source: Microsoft