Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) has revealed through a self-explainable video on their Youtube channel, an innovative way of communicating called ‘Holoportation.’ The invention allows people to real-time chat with others and even visualize them through a 3D holographic representation of themselves.

The multinational company has revealed a new type of technology that will allow users to connect better with others. ‘Holoportation’ is a new type of 3D capture technology that allows high-quality 3D models of people, reconstructing, compressing and transmitting the image anywhere in the world.

Holoportation was developed to let users have a conversation so natural as a typical face-to-face communication. Credit:

The technology is used in real time and it was created to be used with reality displays such as Microsoft HoloLens. The technology allows users to see, hear and interact with other participants through a 3D holographic representation of themselves.

The system works with a newly created 3D caption technology, that surrounds the individual with 3D cameras in different spots of the room, creating a sort of holoportation cabin. Each of the cameras records the user from a separate viewpoint, fusing all of the images together and creating a temporally consistent model of the individual.

The HoloLens system captures the 3D models from cameras and composes the model in real time, in the real world. After the reconstruction of the individual is made, the system is able to transmit the data to the other HoloLens user.

The company hopes that this new type of capture technology will be able to connect users with long-distance family members and loved ones.

Microsoft’s partner research manager, Shahram Izadi, demonstrates in the representative Youtube video uploaded by the company the interaction that he is able to have with his daughter throughout the HoloLens system.

In the video Izadi is able to talk, play, interact and see his daughter walking through the room he is in, even though the child is in a completely separate space, using the same reconstructive system.

Even though the system was created for live 3D Caption, the HoloLens system also allows the user to re-live conversations. Each session or conversation is recorded, so the user can play it back as many time as is desired. Research manager Izadi calls this feature “As exactly as walking through a living memory.” The system allows users to minimize the recorded conversation to experience it in a more convenient manner.

This technology is not yet available for users, however, is an advance in teleportation technology.

Source: Microsoft