Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) announced that it recently bought the Israeli company Secure Islands, a protection and security firm.

It is the third company that Microsoft purchases this year, after Adallom —based in Palo Alto, California— and Aorato —now called Advanced Threat Analytics, also from Israel.

Microsoft recently bought Secure Islands, making it the third company acquired by the tech giant this year. Credit:

The company, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, has been making these agreements as an investment plan in security technology, to keep up with the challenges that they have to face to protect the data and information of their customers.

In a post on their official blog, the company stated that this agreement improved their ability to secure business data from users, regardless of where it’s stored —including cloud services, third-party services, and any Windows, Android or iOS devices.

Microsoft believes that guaranteeing security means working across limits and boundaries of corporate networks, brands and devices, sharing information among each other. “These realities make it more critical than ever to have solutions that prevent data loss and track information regardless of where it resides,” the post reads.

By unifying both technologies —Secure Islands with Azure Rights Management Service— Microsoft expects to stand up to the most rigorous standards in security and protection of data. Also, the new acquisition is going to improve both Windows and Office 365 services.

A ‘secure island’ for Microsoft users

The security firm specializes in powerful data classification, security and protection, as well in loss-prevention services and technology for any type of file that the user requires. According to the post, a large list of customers —including Vodafone, UBS, OSRAM and Credit Suisse— use Secure Islands’s service to protect their information.

The company announced that their technology will contribute to make Azure Rights Management Service —part of Microsoft’s cloud-based features— more trustable and secure. Also, the company added that this isn’t the first time that they work with Secure Islands, as they have been a partner for a long time.

Israel has showed that they have a successful security business, as many people use their military and intelligence skills to start their own companies and data protection firms. Secure Islands, founded in 2006, has raised more than $11.1 million to-date, according to TechCrunch.

“When Yuval and I founded Secure Islands nine years ago, we shared one vision: to provide customers with the most efficient and reliable solution for information protection and control. By joining Microsoft, we will be able to extend and expand our vision,” CEO of Secure Islands Aki Eldar wrote in a blog post.

Regardless of the agreement, both Microsoft and Secure Islands announced that the Israeli company will continue to offer its services and support to its customers.

Source: Microsoft