Michael B. Jordan, best known as the star of the boxing hit Creed, is being attached with MGM to be the lead in a new remake of ’68 and ’99 thriller, The Thomas Crown Affair.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jordan himself came up with the idea for the remake and pitched it to MGM execs. The two parties now have teamed up to develop the project. MGM has no comments about the project yet. There is still no writer or director attached.

Photo: Independent UK/GETTY
Photo: Independent UK/GETTY

Michael B. Jordan, 29-yeat old California-born and New Jersey-raised, gained notice as Wallace on HBO’s The Wire, later taking on roles in race-driven indie Fruitvale Station and last summer’s Fantastic Four reboot. But the actor really made it to the top with the Ryan Coogler-directed boxing drama Creed. In the movie, Jordan paired with Sylvester Stallone as his most famous character, Rocky Balboa. Creed grossed more than $100 million against a $35 million production budget.

Two previous ‘Thomas Crown Affair’

Thomas Crown Affair was first released in 1968. The movie directed by Norman Jewison and starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway was a huge success. McQueen played a wealthy businessman/ white collar thief, who conducted robberies on the side. Dunaway started as an insurance investigator who starts to track him down, the two begin an affair even as Crown plans another heist.

MGM remade the movie in 1999 with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo in the leads. While the 1968 movie ended with the pair on separate paths with hearts broken, the remake, which proved to be a hit both critically and commercially, had a different ending.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter