McDonald’s is renewing its methods and focusing on hospitality. Europe, Australia, and Canada are already living the fast food chain ’s new experience and now is America’s turn. The first states to see the new McDonald’s and their innovative services are Florida, New York, and Southern California.

People will have the freedom to make their own order using touch-screens with more choices and the guarantee to get what they want. Payments got easier, and now users can pay their meals using Android or Apple Pay and even using Google Hands-Free Payment.

for those who do not like to pay from their phones, cash registers are still part of McDonald’s new concept. Image Credit: McDonald’s Australia

New menus will make you think harder before deciding what are you going to eat because McDonald’s is adding new quality ingredients and premium options in the company’s Signature Crafted recipes.

Technology is also taking over the drive thru service and a screen showing people the most “timely and relevant” options will include the new menus. Also, McDonald’s is eliminating double-lane drive-thrus to get satisfied customers quicker.

The most revolutionary change of this new trend is that McDonald’s in America will have table service in an effort to improve the company’s hospitality. Their new concept is to make people feel more welcomed and less stressed. Thus, decoration also changed, and now the restaurant’s style is contemporary, colorful and digitized.

While some of the new changes reduce human interactions, the others enhance them. The transformations in McDonald’s restaurants is changing how people see the company.  

McDonald’s new ideas have already been tested and proved that their new concept is what everybody was waiting without knowing it

The mentioned changes in McDonald’s around the world have been well received, and 2,600 restaurants and Europe, Australia and Canada can prove it. Internationally, the new image of the fast-food chain shows more satisfied clients, more use of technology to order and pay, and better sales.

Since evolving Canada’s experience inside McDonald’s restaurants, net sales have improved. In France, the new déco has reform client’s experience and up to 70 percent of them have stated to be more satisfied.  

Australia has also seen how sales growth has consistently gone up since McDonald’s is offering so many new options. Touch-screens, ordering and paying by yourself in a restaurant is definitely a new thing, and more people are enjoying the freedom they are receiving. Kiosk usage in UK’s new McDonald’s has increased from 18 percent to 25 percent.

And finally is US big chance to start enjoying McDonald’s new trend of better serving customers by improving hospitality and modernizing the environment and the services. According to the company’s official website, more than 500 American restaurants has been rolled to start offering their new concept.

In 2017 McDonald’s will expand its innovative ideas to more states in the US including Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and Washington D.C. The company is already preparing itself for the arrival of the new concept to more states. The focus of the chain’s transformation is hospitality, and McDonald’s is making sure its crew members are prepared to offer it.

If you are too curious to wait for the new themed restaurants, is your lucky day because McDonald’s also developed a Virtual Reality Experience to let you know in advance how the company’s future is going to look like.

The ‘Just for You’ campaign lets you explore in a 360 video how the McDonald’s on your corner could be transformed. The déco makes the restaurants almost unrecognizable, and it’s colorful, but fresh environments combined with the self-order kiosks are the contemporary touch that makes McDonald’s new concept such a success internationally.

McDonald’s wants to be a better McDonald’s

McDonald’s US incoming president Chris Kempczinski stated that the company does not know exactly when they are going to start working in the 2017 McDonald’s restaurants that are planned to be located in Washington D.C. Boston. Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle. They are waiting data from markets test to decide; Mr. Kempczinski told Business Insider.

When talking about the new changes to come to America, Kempczinski said that table service has been more than welcome by families. Going to McDonald’s requires you order before starting to enjoy the restaurant and children are not the most patient people to wait in a line to order and then carry your meal.

“Taking your kids to McDonald’s should be a fundamentally… fun experience, but, the initial stages of it can be quite stressful when you’re trying to place the order, you’re trying to get it right, you’re trying to get the drinks, you’re trying to search for a table, and your kids are running around,” Chris Kempczinski told Business Insider.  

Concerns were raised when people started to realize that self-order kiosk could reduce personnel in the restaurants. But Mr. Kempczinski cleared the air and said that McDonald’s investment in technology would not affect staff because the jobs “taken” by the touch-screens are compensated with table service.

Source: McDonald’s