The first house to be built on Mars will look like a modern red igloo with a room with a bed, kitchen and desk to work on a computer, and a double air-locked entrance.

The model designed for National Geographic‘s miniseries “Mars” is the first architectural and engineering work that has actually be created to be used on the Red Planet once humanity conquers it.

“Mars” premieres Sunday and the London’s Royal Observatory is hosting a Mars theme show to let people see the Martian house and other things related to humans living on another planet. 

The house is built with materials found on Mars, which explains the red color of the dome.

National Geographic created the home as part of its research for a new miniseries on the red planet, based on material in a book written by Stephen Petranek called ‘How We’ll Live on Mars’. Image Credit: Daily Mail.

The Martian houses have to be built with the planet’s soil and recycled spacecraft parts, or at least the first homes built on Mars. 

The igloo is designed to protect astronauts from the Red Planet’s atmosphere and freezing temperatures, hence, the double-air locked entrance.

The house was Cardiff Company Wild Creation’s work, and it is part of National Geographic effort to research about Mars and how humans could live there and start another civilization. 

“Mars” is based on Stephen Petranek’s book “How we’ll live on Mars” about the year 2037.

The first floor of the house includes the bedroom, the kitchen and a workplace to work, while the underground area contains heaters and the machine that will transform carbon dioxide to oxygen. 

Mars atmosphere is made of carbon dioxide mostly, thus, the importance of a device that can let us live inside the Martian house without wearing a suit. In the underground floor, more beds are available.

The home includes a trap door that would lead down to an underground area, where heaters and the machine that turns carbon dioxide. Image Credit: DailyMail

The Martian house was designed as a dome because it is one of the easiest ways to build a house. The walls are made of bricks from Mars regolith which is a microwave to create the material to build the exterior. 

The house is meant to be constructed in Valles Marineris. The walls will be around 10 feet (3 meters) thick to endure Mars harsh weather which includes freezing temperatures, radiation, and micrometeorite impacts.

The canyons are 2,485 miles (4,000 kilometers) long and 62 miles (100 kilometers wide) and are located at Mars equator.

The house is also designed to host plants because Petranek’s book says that the first humans on the planet would have to produce about 20 percent of their food.

Adapting to the Red Planet

People will suffer the differences between Earth and Mars and will have to exercise in 3D-printed machines to avoid damages in the bone mass because the Red Planet’s gravity is 38 percent as strong as on our mother planet. It will be impossible to go out without a spacesuit.

Mr. Petranek said that going to Mars is a necessity to avoid human overpopulation. Having a multi-planetary species will prevent the human race from disappearing from the universe. 

Extinction is coming, whether is an asteroid hitting Earth, disease, or lack of resources, stated the actor. 

Source: Daily Mail