On Wednesday, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke about the violent events in Charlottesville and proceeded to delete all extremist and racist posts from a well-known white supremacist blog.

On Saturday, a group of extremist white nationalist had a rally that left three people dead, 19 injured, and the entire nation shocked. This has generated a big polemic debate around the world, and social media has taken part of it.

Image credit: Tech Insider
Image credit: Tech Insider

Many people have questioned the social network role’s in politics after the 2016 elections, believing it influenced in the “division of the US,” according to experts. Recently, Zuckerberg promised to take serious measurements regarding harmful content to protect people. He is really concerned about the “awful” events occurred in the United States.

Facebook will take down any kind of hateful content, according to Zuckerberg

In a comment posted by himself on his Facebook account, Mark Zuckerberg condemned the violent acts that shook the entire world, but firstly the US. He, as a Jewish, is really preoccupied about people believing in neo-Nazi movements and ideologies.

According to the Facebook’s CEO, the company is “watching the situation closely and will take down threats of physical harm,” referring to possible new neo-Nazi and supremacist rallies.

“We won’t always be perfect, but you have my commitment that we’ll keep working to make Facebook a place where everyone can feel safe,” Zuckerberg wrote. Later on, using a more strongly worded tone, he referred about his religion. “I know a lot of us have been asking where this hate comes from. As a Jew, it’s something I’ve wondered much of my life. It’s a disgrace that we still need to say that neo-Nazis and white supremacists are wrong — as if this is somehow not obvious.”

Facebook’s CEO sentenced the company has taken more serious measurements since the polemic event. Facebook has always had policies about hate speech and violent threats, but sometimes it takes a lot of time to take off any hateful content that could harm people in many manners.

Mark Zuckerberg is doing more than sending a message to make his voice be heard

Zuckerberg’s message was written four days after the “Unite the Right.” Now, Facebook has become not just a site for hate speech, but for calling a unity, including the corporate world, which is really perplexing and blaming “both sides.”

The Facebook’s CEO is traveling across the country to explain white people the importance of Nazi ideologies. He takes really serious the damage this could make into the country and the entire world. He is even meeting people on all sides of the political spectrum and hiring a big group of political strategists. He has denied he’s running for office, so his actions could look like that is his way of understanding the echo chamber, even if he hasn’t solved it yet.

“There may always be some evil in the world, and maybe we can’t do anything about that. But there’s too much polarization in our culture, and we can do something about that. There’s not enough balance, nuance, and depth in our public discourse, and I believe we can do something about that. We need to bring people closer together, and I know we can make progress at that,” he said.

Source: The Verge