Next June, Louisiana’s pharmacies could sell naloxone without prescription. On Wednesday, CVS pharmacies have announced that naloxone will be put to sell without any prescription on their locations. In early June, the drug will become available without a prescription.

As part of its program to prevent deaths from overdose, CVS Pharmacy will add seven more states including New Mexico, Florida, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, for a total of 30 states nationwide, where patients can get the medication in a more easily way.

Naloxone to be prescription free
Starting next June, Louisiana’s pharmacies will sell naloxone without prescription. Credit:

Naloxone is a drug used to counteract the effects of opioids, especially in the cases of overdose. The medication is also called Narcan or “opioid antagonist” and is a non-addictive, non-toxic drug of easy administration in the patient. It can be administered through nasal, intramuscular or intravenous application. The “opioid antagonist” blocks the effects of an opioid overdose by obstructing the opioid receptors targeted by heroin or any other painkillers.

According to legislation from 2015, pharmacies in Louisiana might sell naloxone with “limited liability” for those who made the prescription. This means that anybody can get the medication on the condition that the one who’s prescribing the drug takes responsibility. Keeping in mind the law, CVS Pharmacy will offer Louisiana’s residents a standing order issued by a physician from the state.

Hence, Louisiana will become part of the initiative from CVS to give a second chance to those who abuse drugs or narcotics. The pharmacy aims to diminish death and mortality rates from overdoses. The objective is that every citizen, but most importantly, medical assistants and authorities will administer the medication as quick as possible in overdose emergencies.

People can’t get high on naloxone

According to California’s deputy director of the Drug Policy Alliance, Laura Thomas, naloxone is just a drug that reverses an opiate overdose. People can’t get high on naloxone and it is not addictive or toxic. Also, Thomas has said that the medication does not have any other repercussions in patients or side effects. According to Thomas, every day, people are more aware of the importance of having naloxone on hands, as those who are at the scene of an overdose need a quick response to bring them back.

Florida will soon dispense naloxone with any prescription

In summer, Florida will be included to the states that dispense naloxone without prescription. The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office has already become the very first agency in Florida to provide its officers with naloxone.

Source: NOLA