SEOUL, South Korea – LG Electronics announced some details of its new premium LED TV lineup for 2016, which includes a tremendous 98-inch 8K TV. The display of the massive gadget offers four times the resolution of 4K Ultra HD TVs at a huge screen size, although 8K content is till being experimented and therefore scarce at this time.

The Super Ultra HD (UHD) line also comprises three models in different screen sizes. LG will release further information at an official press conference on January 5th from Las Vegas, just days before the Consumer Electronics Show.

The giant South Korean tech company will probably offer premium installation services for the 98-inch 8K TV, which is likely to be available as a special order product. Aside from that attention-grabbing TV, LG’s premium LED TV lineup is constituted by the UH9500 (screen sizes 55-86 inches), UH 8500 (screen sizes 55-75 inches) and UH7700 (screen sizes 49-65 inches).

LG 98-inch 8K TV at IFA in Berlin. Credit: Digital Trends

All of them will offer HDR Plus, a term LG has created to refer to the functionality of processing and displaying High Dynamic Range content that comes from a variety of sources, including LG’s Color Prime tech for improved color brightness. Besides, the products are capable of enhancing non-HDR content so that the consumer can still have an HDR-like experience.

Moreover, all sets contain LG’s IPS panel improved by state-of-the-art technologies named True Black Panel and Contrast Maximizer. These functionalities reduce reflections and separate objects from their background, improving the normal IPS black levels.

The LG’s Super UHD TVs have another characteristic that fiercely challenges other technologies: the Flat Ultra Slim Design. However, the UH9500 will be LG’s thinnest TV, with bezels that are just 6.6mm thick and make the TV look as if it is floating in the air.

Furthermore, the TVs will run off the company’s latest WebOS 3.0 software, which features a user-friendly interface that allows consumers to easily switch among sources and channels, as well as a zoom functionality capable of offering extremely close views of a specific portion of a picture. Besides, the Magic Motion remote has been expanded to include more buttons.

As for the sound quality, it will not be lost because of the extremely thin design. LG promises the sound will be as premium as the TV’s appearance, since the gadget has a unique speaker system that was designed in partnership with Harman/Kardon.

Source: Digital Trends