Spielberg, Austria- Lewis Hamilton from the Mercedes team wins Grand Prix Australia after a controversial crash with his team-mate Nico Rosberg in the final lap.

On Sunday Lewis Hamilton won the Formula 1 competition in Austria but was booed on the podium after the last-lap crash he had with Nico Rosberg, or after Nico Rosberg crashed into him.

Lewis Hamilton shown at the Singapore Grand Prix in September. Credit: Tim Chong / Reuters / The National

There are two sides of the story regarding the facts occurred in the Red Bull Ring: Hamilton declared that Rosberg made a mistake on turn 1, and so he had an opportunity going into turn two. He says he left a lot of room on the inside, and he guesses he locked up and crash into him. He added that he believes that Rosberg had a problem with his breaks, according to Yahoo Sports.

Nico’s version, told to Sky Sports, says they (Nico and Lewis) were battling, and he was struggling with his breaks because he got a bit hot in the end. He says his tires were degrading, and that was an advantage for Lewis, although he was still confident he could defend itself and bring home the price.


He added that he had the inside position and went a bit deep in the corner, but he is surprised that Hamilton turned in an in his view, that caused the collision. Rosberg is frustrated about what happened and the way he lost his chance to win.

The final lap collision at turn 3 decided the race

Championship leader Rosberg was in front of Hamilton, and after the accident, he managed to nurse his damaged car over the line for the fourth place.

The German pilot was under investigation for causing a collision and failing to stop with a severely damaged car. His team later revealed that Rosberg’s car had its brake-by-wire system compromised, which went into “passive mode” on the penultimate lap. Reuters reports.


The crowd manifested their disapproval with boos when Hamilton was on the podium while Rosberg enjoyed strong support. Hamilton said: “That’s not my problem, It’s their problem.” He added that he was in the competition to win.

Reuters says Mercedes boss Toto Wolff described the collision as “brainless”, and King 5 says that Wolff told German television that both brakes on Rosberg’s car were affected. He added that Rosberg did not have enough space, and he said it was a pity that the crashed had happened.

In the second place is Max Verstappen for Red Bull and Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen finished third.

Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari’s team. He led for a brief time, but his right-rear tire exploded on the start/finish straight after lap 26.

Fifth in the competition was Australian Daniel Ricciardo for Red Bull and Jenson Button sixth for McLaren. Romain Grosjean was seventh.

Lewis Hamilton victory is the 250th time that a British driver wins the Formula One championship that started in 1950. 

Source: Reuters