Leonardo DiCaprio has pulled a great prank on Jonah Hill. The 41-year-old Oscar Winner spotted Hill on Monday standing on the side of a street in New York City’s West Village. During his latest prank on Hill, DiCaprio pretended to be a crazy fan.

Hill was hanging around near a restaurant while waiting to meet his pal. Instead of calmly greeting Hill, DiCaprio ran up to him, pretending to be a paparazzi. The 32-year-old actor was clearly terrified at first. In fact, he startled and backed up against a wall. Once he realized it was DiCaprio under a newsboy cap, the pair shared a laugh and a big bear hug. Both actors like to play pranks between each other.

Image credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images.
DiCaprio and Hill have been good friends and co-stars for a very long time. Image credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images.

DiCaprio and Hill’s pranks

Besides sharing the screen in 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street, DiCaprio and Hill have been good friends and co-stars for a very long time. Like in The Wolf of Wall Street, the actors have had a significant friendship that has let them play pranks between each other once in a while.

During a Saturday Night Live episode, DiCaprio surprisingly showed up while Hill was hosting. Both actors amused their fans when they reenacted Titanic’s epic scene: Jack and Rose’s romantic embrace. On that time, Hill played Kate Winslet’s role. This prank became viral among fans and other entertainment artists.

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Cameras have caught most of DiCaprio and Hill’s pranks. Image credit: 247PAPS.TV/Splash News

In turn, Hill has also pulled pranks on DiCaprio. At this year’s Golden Globes, Hill appeared on stage disguised as a bear, to make fun of DiCaprio’s furry co-star in the Oscar-winner film, The Revenant. DiCaprio called the prank “amazing.” His laugh was a testimony of this statement.

Both actors played amazing roles in The Wolf of Wall Street, portraying a stock fraud in New York. DiCaprio (Jordan) and Hill (Donnie) were more than partners; they shared a fondness for substance abuse, crazy sexual encounters, a luxurious life, and money.

Jordan and Donnie started a company that subsequently got in troubles because of its tricky practices. Both pals, did everything they could to get away, but they ended up in a pretty particular situation. Besides being the pranks’ King, Dicaprio has a bunch of really great roles on the big screen. His performance on The Revenant made him win an Academy Award.

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Titanic’s scene on Saturday Night Live. Image credit: NBC.

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