According to a lawsuit brought by a Republican political strategist on Monday, Donald Trump‘s campaign manager bragged that Fox News chief, Roger Ailes, supported Trump’s presidential campaign to the point that he offered to provide help in a signing written letter.

Cheri Jacobus, a Republican consultant, filed the lawsuit in state court in New York, accusing Trump and Lewandowski of portraying her as a desperate job seeker. But the truth is that, according to her, they tried really hard to bring her on board boasting about Trump’s connections.

Fox News chief Roger Ailes (AP Photo/2MK Studio/Fox News)

On the other hand, in a tweet, Trump said Jacobus was dumb and that she begged indeed for a job in his campaign. Lewandowski affirmed n MSNBC that she was just upset because they didn’t hire her. The Trump campaign considers the lawsuit as “frivolous”, they believe that all Jacobus wants is to gain notoriety at the expense of Trump.

The alleged relationship between Trump and Ailes

According to the lawsuit, while being in a lunch meeting at Trump Tower, Lewandowski asked Jacobus if she had a contract with any television network, she replied with a “no”, and then Lewandowski started to name Trump’s connections in the industry, such as Roger Ailes, the head of Fox; which  the Republican consultant interpreted as an attempt to bring her on board of Trump’s campaign by getting her a Fox contract.

“Lewandowski also noted that Trump was great friends with Bill O’Reilly of Fox News and Joe Scarborough, host of ‘Morning Joe’ on MSNBC.”, the lawsuit stated.

According to the lawsuit, Lewandowski affirmed that Trump had a dinner with Ailes recently, and he knew for sure that Fox supported his campaign completely. From his desk, Lewandowski took a printed copy of an email from Ailes to Trump: Ailes wanted Trump to tell him what could Fox do to help.

Fox News disputes Lewandowski’s characterization of this letter, as described in the lawsuit.

Fox News disputes Lewandowski’s characterization of this letter and denies that Roger and Trump have dined together or ever met.

“It’s hardly uncommon for Roger Ailes to sign correspondence by offering a helping hand, but it would be a fanciful interpretation to equate a cordial email with providing assistance to a political candidate in the vein of editorial coverage,” a Fox News spokesperson said in a statement.

N the public eye, Ailes is known by opposing to Trump in several occasions. In fact, one statement was so vehement that, in response, Trump skipped a Fox News Republican primary debate.

Source: CNN Money