Phil Bryant the Mississippi Governor, signed a law bill into a law, called the Religious Objection Law, that allows businesses to refuse to service gay couples, based on religious beliefs and moral convictions.

This law is supposed to protect business owners and employees, more specifically their morals and beliefs, and it gives them the opportunity to practice their religious beliefs and freedom.

Protesters Monday call for Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant to veto House Bill 1523, which they says will allow discrimination against LGBT people, during a rally outside the Governor’s Mansion in Jackson, Miss. Bryant signed the legislation Tuesday. Credit: ROGELIO V. SOLIS , THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

“In the wake of last year’s U.S. Supreme Court decision, many Mississippians, including pastors, wanted protection to exercise their religious liberties. This bill simply protects those individuals from government interference when practicing their religious beliefs,” said Tate Reeves, Lieutenant Governor of Mississippi, after the Supreme Court ruled last year that gay couples have a right to marriage.

Some businesses are opposing to this new law because they are worried that it is going to make them lose economic opportunities in the future.  These people are asking the governor to veto the bill since they think of it as discrimination against gay people.

On the other hand, it has been said that the bill only helps and protects people with religious beliefs who do not feel comfortable with gay people around and, therefore, are not able to offer service to them.

The specific beliefs this law is protecting are that marriage should be between a man and a woman and that gender is determined by people’s genes and anatomy.

This law is the first one to prohibit the state government from taking actions on people, business, employees and religious organizations that decide not to let gay people into their stores or other places.  It is giving business owners, for example, the ability to control who access bathrooms and such.

Mississippi Lawyers, Legal Scholars Respond to HB1523

After the Law was passed and protesters were all over the place, engaging in a pacific demonstration to fight for the rights of LGBT people, Mississippi Lawyers, and Legal Scholars Respond to HB1523 published a memo saying that the Religious Objection Law violates the first amendment. The memo can be found here.

Source: The Washington Post