In an age of constantly upgrading your technology, it always seems tempting to sell old tech to be able to afford new tech. GreenBuyback makes it super easy to sell your old tech; it’s as simple as heading to, picking your phone, receiving a quote and sending it in, pre-paid…and then cash in hand! But, there are many options out there for selling tech; eBay is a leading website to sell your old tech for cash, but is it a good option? Here’s why we think eBay is not the best option for selling your old technology to make money.

It might be hard to know where to sell your phone, whether to go with eBay, GreenBuyback, or one of the other options. Many a phone owner has been seduced by the siren call of eBay; with the promise of auction prices reaching up, up, up. But the actual reality of eBay is a bit bleaker; selling customer to customer means you’ll need to wait for the customer that needs the exact phone you’re selling. This can not only take a long time but is much easier said than done. If you’re looking for a quick transaction, waiting for a buyer can be a pain; furthermore, answering questions about the device, monitoring the auction, and the waiting.


The benefit of selling your used device to GreenBuyback is that before you send your device out to them you know the exact amount you’ll be getting it. No waiting, no questions (the answers to which you may or may not know), no monitoring. Just head to GreenBuyback and find your device, select your carrier, storage size, and condition. These are all easy questions you will definitely know the answers to (they even help guide you through). Next, click “sell.” No guessing, no hoping, no waiting.

If you do decide to sell your phone on eBay, it’s time to head to the post office and get your device in the sent off in the mail. Did you remember to add shipping as extra to your sale? I hope so, otherwise, the postage is coming out of your profits. Did you let the buyer know how long shipping will take? If you sold through GreenBuyback, the shipping process almost couldn’t be easier. GreenBuyback sends you a prepaid UPS label! All you have to do is carefully pack your device and package it up with the provided label.

Now that your device has started it’s journey, there are a number of things that could go wrong. eBay boasts buyer-friendly policies, which is great if you’re buying a vintage leather beanbag chair, but not so great if you’re trying to sell your used technology device.

The device could disappear in transit (did you get delivery confirmation?), the buyer could simply claim the device never arrived, the user can claim the device didn’t arrive as stated (perhaps the condition isn’t what they expected), and all of this would amount in a full refund. Now you’re out of cash and the device is gone! That scary scenario would never occur if you used GreenBuyback because GreenBuyback is tracking the device through their UPS account. If the device condition is not as stated (we all make mistakes!) they will re-quote the device, offering a new cash value; you have the option to accept or reject their new offer, if you reject it GreenBuyback will mail the device back to you, on their dollar. Simply put, if you’re deciding where to sell your old technology, the only smart option out there is GreenBuyback! Safe, easy, and secure.