From a tweet, fans saw how Lana Del Rey encouraged her followers to hex President Donald Trump on the midnights of February 24, March 26, April 26, and May 23, which correspond to dates where religious communities will take part in massive rituals to help get Trump out of the White House for good.

At first, Del Rey’s intentions were cloudy, if not completely discreet, but one of her representatives confirmed that her tweet was in support of the efforts, which corresponds to nights of a crescent moon.

At first, Del Rey’s intentions were cloudy, if not completely discreet. Image credi: Terry Richardson / T Magazine

Reportedly, the intention is to oust the President using witchcraft, so he is not able to fill the mind of the American people “with hare, confusion, fear, or despair.”

Hexing the President of the United States

For witches, waning crescent moons symbolize weakness, but fans at first believed that Del Rey’s tweet was to promote her upcoming album. The first ritual took place on February 24th at midnight. It was spread as “open source,” so it can be modified to adapt itself to each person’s spiritual practice.

To perform the ritual, the witch must obtain a small “unflattering photo of Trump,” a Tower tarot card, a tiny stub of an orange candle a pin to inscribe the candle, a white candle to represent fire, a bowl of water, a bowl of salt to represent earth, and a feather to represent air. Also, the witch will need a method to light the candles and an ashtray. They also list optional items such as a piece of pyrite, also known as “fool’s gold”) or a baby carrot to substitute the orange candle.

The witch is expected to write “Donald J. Trump” on the orange candle with the pin. Then, the rest of the objects should be placed in front of her, forming a circle. Now, the Tower card should be put vertically, as in leaning on to something.

The witch should recite a prayer for protection and a blessing to a preferred god or deity, whereas the 23rd Psalm is recommended to follow tradition. The full ritual is explained here.

“I beseech thee in my name (say your full name) in the name of all who walk crawl, swim, or fly of all the trees, the forests, streams, deserts, rivers and seas. In the name of justice in the name of justice, and liberty and love and equality and peace bind them in chains bind their tongues bind their works bind their wickedness,” reads the spell.

At some point, the witch is expected to burn the photo of Trump on the flame of the orange candle.

Not everything is witchcraft

On the other hand, Lana Del Rey released her latest single “Love” alongside a video. Her fans seem to be captivated by how the singer harnessed such a deep and broad subject, living it through a filtered and vintage-looking music video.

Being labeled as “slow-burning,” Lana Del Rey appears in “Love” as a lounge singer, adorned with her incredible art and taking part in the life of each character that is displayed, as they all get transported to another planet.

Source: Rolling Stone