This year´s LA Auto Show it´s going to be open to the public on two commemorative American dates: Thanksgiving day and Black Friday.

The famous annual event has been a major show that proves the relevancy of LA in the car culture worldwide. Lately, Los Angeles Auto Show has evolved into fulfilling different objectives, like could be the innovative technologic world. In this year’s convention, tech conferences and expositions mix with the standard auto show to keep up with what this important event represents.

The L.A. Auto Show kicks off on November 22, setting up shop in Downtown L.A. through December 1. Image Credit: L.A Auto Show/CBS News

“Whether it’s new car shopping, learning about the latest technology or exploring an assortment of customized rides, there is something for everyone at this year’s show,” is how the official website of the LA Auto Show describes itself.

The event offers the assistants a variety of activities on distinct subjects. You can do a test drive with some of the latest car models in the market with up to a hundred different choices. Also, any person can buy a selected group of vehicles, as the event assures that the LA Auto Show is the “one-stop-shop for comparison shopping makes and models”. there is the exposition of the Customized Rides in “The Garage”. In the Kentia Hall of the LA Convention Center, the public can find cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley,

There is the exposition of the Customized Rides in “The Garage”. In the Kentia Hall of the LA Convention Center, the public can find brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and more. While the adults do all the touring and shopping, there is also a kids play zone where they can enjoy virtual reality demos on car games, among other activities.

The LA Auto Show and the SUVs sensation

For quite a while the US has begun a continuous expansion into the SUVs market, and the auto companies are adapting to fulfill that new necessity.

Americans bought more SUVs than sedans, and that phenomenon is becoming a trend. According to a report made by IHS Markit, last year SUVs represented 39.5% of newly registered automobiles, while cars maintain a lower 32%.

In this matter, big car companies are launching new models that are influenced by that phenomenon. Toyota, Ford, Subaru, Jeep and Volkswagen are releasing their new SUVs, while more traditional companies like Jaguar and Alfa Romeo are entering for the first time this category. All these companies are making their announcements, and corresponding exhibitions, at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

This SUV blast might be more relevant than the one that the US lived in the year 2000. In that occasion, the oil prices affected too much, and the sellings started to drop eventually. But now, automakers are offering more economical and smaller models, in order to keep the market rising.

Image Credit: LA Auto Show