Konstantin Lichtenwald based in Vancouver has seen a growing interest in stock investment in recent years, as many people attempt to find passive income that helps expand their financial security. And as the stock market remains strong through 2021, he recently discussed a handful of stocks that he thinks will thrive in 2022. Understanding your options here will drive your success to higher levels.

Konstantin Lichtenwald, Vancouver, Discusses Which Stocks Should You Look to In 2022

Top Stocks to Pick for 2022

The cannabis industry continues to set record profits throughout the many states that have legalized its use. And Konstantin Lichtenwald, Vancouver, believes that this industry has only room to grow. With the national legalization of cannabis likely in the future, many companies are worth watching in 2022.

For example, Cresco Labs has over 16 different cultivation farms and is one of the top providers in the states with legal medical or recreational cannabis. Stocks like these are an excellent investment now, and Cresco Labs is one of the most promising of all of these options for new investors.

Options like Innovative Industrial Properties could also double in 2022, depending on how legalization processes progress. This company is a cannabis-focused real estate firm. This option is a great stock investment choice because real estate (especially in a booming commercial field) is always wise.

Beyond these stocks, Konstantin Lichtenwald based in Vancouver also believes that the biotech field will be huge. Throughout 2019, 2020, and 2021, many small companies have become enormous. For example, Novavax went from being a small startup to a potentially big firm for vaccination development in just a few years.

Vaccination is obviously a hot-button topic in some areas, particularly COVID-19 vaccines. Thankfully, a majority of the population does trust these medical treatments and is prepared to work with new companies that can protect them. That’s just one reason why investment in these companies is wise.

That said, Konstantin Lichtenwald, Vancouver, wants to emphasize that biotech stocks are notoriously volatile in their early years. Novavax, in particular, looked prime to fail after its initial vaccine did not do well. However, they could be primed for big success due to their upcoming newer medications.

It is essential to take this fact into account when debating stocks you want to purchase. Often, it may be best to start out with stocks for service industries. In 2022, the service industry is going to remain strong and is likely to rebound and build on past successes in many unique ways.

For example, companies like Kroeger, Wholesale Holdings, Costo, and Evoqua Water Technologies were some of the biggest winners in 2021. And they’re likely to remain that way for some time. So Konstantin Lichtenwald, who is based in Vancouver, believes it is wise to balance your portfolio with these low-risk stock options. A few high-risk options are a great choice, though, as their potential for huge payouts is much higher for investors.