Colorado – Two brothers under 10 years old were found dead on Sunday afternoon from the Little Thompson River. Rescue teams performed life-saving measures but the children did not show any response and were pronounced dead at the scene.

At approximately 12:20 pm, the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office received a call about two boys who had fallen into the river, near Pinewood Springs. In an effort to help the children, several rescue agencies such as the Boulder Dive Team, Longmont Emergency Unit, and Pinewood Fire Department rushed to the scene, according to Bobby Moll, spokesperson for the county sheriff’s office, in a statement.

Two young brothers dead after pulled from frigid river in Colorado. Image courtesy of Fox News

“Emergency responders located both unresponsive children in the Little Thompson River,” said Moll. “Life saving measures were taken and attempts to revive them were not successful,” he added.

Rescue teams were at the scene within a reasonable amount of time and they started looking for the boys immediately after their arrival, Moll commented to CBS Local. It is unknown how long they were in the river before or after the call, he said.

Moll also stated that the boys were brothers, under 10 years old and residents of the area. The water of the river, according to some residents, was currently running high and cold. It is believed that the children were playing by the river, just beyond a member-only picnic park.

There are some whirlpools that some locals know about and frequent in the summer, however, residents do not believe the children would have been in that particular area due to the high water levels and the cold weather.

Unknown identities

The identities of the drowned children are yet unknown, although the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office said that their names and official cause of death will be released later in the day. At the time there are no further officials details about how could the incident may happen, Moll stated.

The Little Thompson River is a tributary of the Big Thompson River and thence the South Platte River located also in Colorado. It runs about 51.5 miles from its headwater to the confluence with the Big Thompson and descends at about 2,500 feet in elevation in approximately a 24-mile course through the mountains, according to the United States Geological Survey.

Source: Larimer County Sheriff’s Office