People that attended Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas said they saw Khloe Kardashian making out with the rapper Trey Songz at the VIP lounge. The artist from Virginia invited all his fans to his concert on the famous club last Saturday. However, all the attention was focused in the VIP section where the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was seen enjoying the event.

Trey Songz was scheduled to perform at the trendy nightclub on Saturday night as part of his promotional tour, but fans lined up at the VIP lounge trying to get a picture with Khloe Kardashian, who was enjoying the show. However, this story begins in the after party when an inside source told E! a lot of people had seen Khloe and Trey making out. The source added that the rapper had just left a serious relationship and neither he nor Kardashian were committed to each other. Apparently, they are just going out to see what happens.

The 32-year-old reality TV and Trey Songz partied together in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Credit: etonline

“Drais… the only place in Vegas that matters,” reads a post uploaded by Trey on his Twitter page.

The KUWTK star celebrated her birthday 32 last Monday, and as a matter of fact, Tremaine Neverson, best known as Trey Songz, attended the party. A lot of rumors about them being extra friendly were intensified after they left the celebration together late at the night.

Apparently, Khloe did not like the headlines

Khloe, with more than 20 million followers on Twitter, quickly reacted to the headlines on her website and app. She said she was tired of tabloids exaggerating every little detail of her social life. According to the statement, she had been attributed more relationships than the ones she has had. She also made comments about how misogynist the Hollywood media is.

“The most annoying thing about tabloid rumors is the double standard. If I’m ‘spotted’ hanging with a guy at a party—even if I’m just saying hi for a quick second—it immediately becomes a negative headline about how many guys I’m dating or how I’m getting into a new relationship,” she posted. “Men don’t get that reputation! They get a pat on the back.”

The fact that there is a picture that shows her making out with the R&B artist makes things a little more complicated. It could make everyone wonder what “hanging out” means to the Kardashian. She might be right on how tabloids sometimes address a famous person’s love affairs based on their gender, but if she decides to make out with the person that so many people went to see that night, she should have expected a little extra attention.

Source: E! Online