Kentucky has planned meetings throughout the year to discuss the legalization of medical marijuana. It is the second time in 2016 the state conducts efforts to pass the bill to legalize the medication.

Early this year, Kentucky’s Senator, Perry Clark, proposed a bill to legalize medical marijuana. Under the name the “Cannabis Freedom Act”, the bill aimed to make available medical marijuana for those needing the weed to treat their illness. Despite the effort, the bill did not get a hearing to be approved or denied.

On July 5, closed-door meetings were reported about passing a marijuana bill in Kentucky. Senator John Schickel said the new meetings look to deeply assess the issue. Image Credit: 420 Magazine
On July 5, closed-door meetings were reported about passing a marijuana bill in Kentucky. Senator John Schickel said the new sessions seek to assess the issue genuinely. Image Credit: 420 Magazine

July’s medical marijuana meetings

Since early 2016, Kentucky’s lawmakers have conducted several efforts to legalize medical cannabis finally. Although during the very first part of the year the bill proposing the legalization of medical marijuana did not come to an end, Kentucky will have another chance to pass the medical marijuana bill. It was in July when the project started being reconsidered by lawmakers, Kentucky’s Senators and health authorities with a different meeting to tackle the legalization of medical cannabis.

On July 11, it was unveiled that Kentucky’s marijuana legalization is facing substantial progress because this time, the medical marijuana bill is being endorsed by the Kentucky Nurses Association.

Meetings for Kentucky’s community to learn more about medical cannabis from patients that need the medication were unveiled on July 28 to take place on July 30.

Medical marijuana legalization bill has been primarily supported by Kentuckians since its first bill was proposed. Despite this fact, Jamie Montalvo, founder of Kentuckians for Medical Marijuana states the bill’s approval has undergone delays because state’s lawmakers do not want to champion the cause publicly. It seems like Kentucky’s lawmakers want to have a passive role during the endorsement of the bill.

“They do not want to be the one that pushes for it. They don’t want to support it publicly, they would rather it pass without them having to do anything about it,” remarked Montalvo.

Other meetings to discuss the draft law for medical cannabis legalization are planned to be held later this year. What remains in mystery is whether Kentucky will choose to pass the bill in 2017 when it is officially presented or if state’s authorities will pass the bill before.

In turn, other US states are legalizing medical marijuana to relieve intractable pain on their residents.

Minnesota runs on Monday its medical marijuana program

Minnesotans suffering from intractable pain will start the enrollment in medical cannabis program on Monday.

Patients with chronic pain in Minnesota will start relieving their condition since Monday throughout medical marijuana treatments. It was announced earlier this year that the program would start accepting more than 480 Minnesotans with intractable pain.

Minnesota’s residents with chronic pain first need to visit a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant to get a certificate stating the patient requires medical cannabis treatments. Then, the patient can visit one of the eight sales locations in the state.

Source: Inquisitr