Katy Perry stripped to endorse voting in these November elections. The pop star, which is a die-hard Clinton fan, even performed at the Democratic National Convention.

Perry collaborated with Rock the Vote and Funny or Die to tell Americans that does not matter what one wears to the polls, as long as one is voting. According to the singer, she “briefly scanned the Constitution” and it does not state anywhere that people must dress up for voting.

Perry collaborated with Rock the Vote and Funny or Die to tell Americans that does not matter what one wears to the polls, as long as one is voting. Photo credit: Funny or Die Youtube Channel
Perry collaborated with Rock the Vote and Funny or Die to encourage Americans to vote. Photo credit: Funny or Die Youtube Channel

Perry goes on to suggest one could wear a pair of brief, a children onesie or an old t-shirt. Then, she states the sleep in the nude, and as such, that was how she was going to “dress” to vote. The idea, of course, is to motivate Americans to vote in the controversial presidential elections of November. The pop star does not endorse any specific candidate; she just wants people to show up at the polls.

Madonna joins the initiative

Madonna is not a stranger to getting nude. After all, she published a coffee table book twenty-four years ago, titled Sex, which featured graphic nude pictures of the singer. It is no surprise then that she quickly followed Perry into getting naked for the elections.

On Wednesday, the pop icon published a naked selfie on Instagram, in which she can be seen wearing silver and gold necklaces. She wrote in the caption that she was going to vote just like Perry, naked.

In contrast to Perry, Madonna did endorse Clinton, stating she was the “best we got.” In her social media, the singer also posted a picture of herself at the 2015 Brit Awards. Clinton was photoshopped into the image.

“Living for Hillary. Yes, I vote for intelligence. I vote for equal rights for women and all minorities. Women Run the World, now they have to get out and start supporting one another. No more misogynist feminists! No more misogyny. Get out and Vote,” wrote Madonna in the caption.

Will & Grace reunite over the election

Debra Messing posted on her Instagram a picture of the whole Will & Grace cast over the weekend, teasing fans. On Monday, a mini-episode that lasts ten minutes was released. The reunion was about the November presidential elections.

Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes once again got into their roles as Will, Grace, Karen and Jack. The quartet endorsed Clinton while trashing Republican candidate Donald Trump.

This reunion occurs exactly a decade after the NBC sitcom ended. During the mini-episode, Will and Grace are seen discussing the upcoming elections, and state they are going to vote for Clinton. At that moment, Karen, the millionaire, addict Republican claimed she was going to vote for Trump.

The episode is full of cultural references, from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce to the Broadway musical Hamilton. Will and Grace try to dissuade Karen to vote for Clinton instead, but she says “Donnie” is one of  her best friends, and they pair so close that she “helped him pick out Melania.”

When bubbly and ditzy Jack arrives, he announces he is not into politics and is not sure for whom is he going to vote. Grace tries to convince him to vote Democrat while Karen states voting Republican is the best option, because if not, it would be like seeing the musical Hamilton is real life, including “wars, monsoons, locusts and hordes of brown people pouring over our borders.”

However, Will wins Jack’s vote when he states Katy Perry is going to vote for Clinton. Perry is supposed to be Jack’s favorite pop star, and that is enough to convince him which path to follow.

Source: Radio