According to Trump campaign officials, Donald Trump Jr. had reached out to John Kasich offering him the position of Vice-president.

Ohio Governor John Richard Kasich has not made any mention regarding the offer, where his top adviser John Weaver stated that an offer as running mate never occurred. Trump also took the time to deny having asked Kasich personally to join him as Vice-president.

Ohio Governor John Kasich rejected Donald Trump's offer to become the Vice-President. Photo credit:
According to Trump campaign officials, Donald Trump Jr. had reached out to John Kasich offering him the position of Vice-president. Photo credit: Dispatch

Kasich’s side of the story points out that Trump Jr. did talk with Weaver in May. Weaver sent a response to Trump’s campaign officials that Gov. Kasich held no interest in joining Trump in a supposed presidency.

Perhaps an “I never wanted him anyway” scenario

It seems that Trump at first wanted Kasich but had to settle with Pence. Kasich had already stated that Trump is “really not prepared to be president of the United States.” Shortly after his statement, according to the New York Times, Kasich worked alongside rival Ted Cruz to try avoiding Trump’s nomination as presidential candidate.

On hindsight, it appears that voters care little about the presidential running mate, as polls suggest. Many believe that Trump’s uncertainty about his administrative colleagues is a sign of apparent weakness, particularly of someone who has little to no experience in politics.

Two months ago, the potential VP list drafted by Trump’s campaign had 16 names in it. The New York Times reports that the real estate mogul looked at the list, gave a nod, and sent it through. A ‘sense of disengagement’ is what voters feel that Trump’s main issue is. Donald Trump is a showman, someone who is there to make a voice out of people’s empathy and rash emotions. But added to his wife Melania’s plagiarized speech, it seems that Trump has lived for too long in stardom, thus offering a vague statement with unforeseeable and flamboyant promises that have done all but provide a viable path for America’s electorate.

Kasich’s defense

On Wednesday, Gov. Kasich finally commented on News 9 that Trump has “fundamentally distorted” the ideas of the Republican Party. He based his statements on Trump’s unorthodox approach to the GOP’s views, and unless Trump were to change his tone or his ideals, Kasich would continue to refrain working with him.

“Look, I don’t believe we should isolate. I’m not anti-trade, I’m not anti- immigrant, and I’m not anti-the post-Cold-War institutions, so these things would have to change,” Gov. Kasich said when asked what Trump would need to do to fix his path. 

Kasich pointed out that Trump has been the most different candidate that the party’s ever had. He stresses the fact that Trump has altered the way American people perceive the Republican Party.

Even if Trump’s strategies appear to be successful, the truth is that his allies are starting to back down, an indicator of someone who has gone too far in his endeavors without paying mind to others around him. Trump rallies supporters thank his personality and his in-your-face attitude, without ever apologizing, but as the election comes closer, politicians start to realize that a Trump presidency may not be the desired outcome for the Republican party.

Trump is expected to deliver his biggest speech yet at next Thursday’s Republican National Convention.

Source: CNN