Apple Beta Software Program members are now able to install the beta versions of the newest iOS 10 and macOS 10.12 Sierra.

Members can head to Settings, General, Software Update on their mobile devices to download the beta version, while desktop users have to access the Updates option on their Mac App Store. This will be the first time users get to experience the new features that iOS 10 will provide. On the other hand, the macOS update adds new functions and implements Siri on Mac

the new macOS Sierra public beta brings Siri to desktop computers, Photo: Apple

iOS 10 new features

IOS 10 will provide developers with Siri, allowing them to take part in its inherent machine learning processes. Siri SDK allows the software to access different third-party apps. On previous iOS versions, Siri could only interact with native iPhone apps.

Reportedly, iOS 10 takes a lot of inspiration from Google. Its face recognition technology has been improved, and it allows users to browse their galleries by a person, label or location. Also, voicemails can now be automatically transcripted into text, while also allowing developers to spot spam on the voicemail inbox.

Voice calls altogether are getting a revamp. Every app that allows calls, such as Skype and Facebook Messenger, will now use a similar interface system to the native calls of the iPhone. Received and sent calls will be saved in the phone’s call log and contacts will show all of their available apps through which users can call them.

Emojis will also get an upgrade in iOS 10 Messages; now there will be suggestions to replace words with appropriate emojis. Whenever the user writes a message, an emoji button will appear which will allow replacing a word with a particular emoji. URLs will also show its preview window in Messages, displaying an image and a short text that will enable users to know what lies behind each link they receive.

Apple Music will now feature an impressive function known as Discovery Mix, a playlist tailored to the user’s preferences. Although this same feature has been already implemented on Spotify, it is a great addition nonetheless.

Another function that many argue the iPhone needed is the availability of app-specific widgets. iOS 10 allows users to access a plethora of widgets by swiping to the right. These widgets have endless possibilities, as they can be viewed from almost every single menu. Widgets can play video, music, show news feeds, stock values, and much more.

iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, still in beta

Likewise, the new macOS Sierra public beta brings Siri to desktop computers. Users can press down the Command key + Spacebar to activate Apple’s digital personal assistant. iCloud now is able to optimize hard drive space by deleting unused files from the cloud. If the user does not desire such thing, it can always disable the Optimize Mac Storage option in System Preferences. Messages also received an update, with larger emojis, quick replies and URL previews.

Users must remember that these beta versions are unfinished, meaning that the existence of unresolved bugs is likely. But if trying out iOS 10 and Sierra is too tempting, then there is nothing wrong with checking out what Apple’s got to offer on its major software platforms with a little anticipation.

Source: Macworld