On February 16, former Playboy magazine model Karen McDougal explained an affair she and US President Donald Trump allegedly had together – according to The New Yorker. She talked about a situation developed in 2006 when the President already was married to First Lady Melania Trump.

Ms. McDougal wrote an eight-page account in which she described the affair she had with the US President and then gave it to The New Yorker through John Crawford, a friend of the model. It was revealed by the Wall Street Journal that the story did not come out before the elections since it was bought for $150,000 to prevent it from being distributed.

As the White House denies Ms. Dougal story, the model, unfortunately, signed an agreement with American Media, Inc (A.M.I) that prohibited her from discussing certain details of the event, to which she explained being regretful:

“At this point I feel I can’t talk about anything without getting into trouble, because I don’t know what I’m allowed to talk about. I’m afraid to even mention his name,” the model said.

How to keep an affair from the press

Just for starters, David Pecker, the CEO, and chairman of A.M.I described long ago President Trump as a close, personal friend. The corporation took extensive measures to possess legal control of Ms. McDougal’s affair story, considering the elections were coming ahead.

Former Playboy model Karen McDougal revealed affair between her and US President Donald Trump, Karen McDougal and Donald Trump, Donald Trump alleged affair with Karen McDougal
The model said President Trump had an affair with her while he was married to First Lady Melania Trump. Image credit: Getty

Six former employees from A.M.I. claimed Mr. Pecker had a move called “catch and kill” in which he arranged the stories to be bought, and then made sure they never saw the light of the day. President Trump was protected, thinking he had the power. Mr. Pecker held and still holds, plenty of stories that can be used against whoever he wants to.

According to the document written by Ms. McDougal, President Trump made sure to never leave a hint about the affair, by doing things like refunding her the money she paid for the trips instead of paying it himself. He was a no-paper-trail man. Nevertheless, Trump introduced her to his family and even took her to major events – like the launch party of Trump Vodka, in 2007. He also promised to buy the model an apartment in New York.

After ending the relationship, Ms. McDougal remained silent for ten years. However, in 2016, she decided to speak up about the affair, an idea roused by his friend Mr. Crawford, in which she saw the economic and power potential it could represent. The model alleged that she did not want anybody making up false statements about the relation.

How to control a model

Ms. McDougal was offered to write a column on aging and fitness. She was happy for a while until her articles were not published anymore. Then, when A.M.I. observed she was dangerous again, it offered her to host awards shows, which never occurred.

Former Playboy model Karen McDougal revealed affair between her and US President Donald Trump, Karen McDougal and Donald Trump, Donald Trump alleged affair with Karen McDougal
Former Playboy model Karen McDougal and US President Donald. Image credit: Ms. McDougal’s Twitter.

The corporation then paid her to appear on a couple of covers and even discussed giving Ms. McDougal an extension of her partnership.

“They got worried that she was going to start talking again, and they came running to her,” said her friend, Mr. Crawford

Still, as the model was paid $150,000 for the story, she only received about $82,000, while the remaining was kept by the so-called friend Mr. Crawford and the lawyer who helped her during the process, Mr. Davidson.

Source: The New Yorker