The whole covid-19 debacle set the world on fire. Every phenomenon on this planet either stopped or turned upside down. Many died and the ones who didn’t really start to treasure the gift of life. Hence came a surge in life insurance applications.

Jumping on Life Insurance post-COVID? Find the Best Policy for You

The earlier perception was the only older adults that were married with children were on life insurance. However, the covid era has led to many youngsters getting acquainted with life insurance policies. It is certainly a good step after one realizes how important life is.

Therefore, the following piece covers the best life insurance policies for you.

What Is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is like any other insurance; one gets reimbursed by an insurance company for a loss. But the loss, in this case, is a loss of life. What happens is that the insurer applies for this insurance. They are asked to name their beneficiaries of choice.

When the insurer passes away, those beneficiaries get paid the death benefit. The catch is also like any other insurance. The insurer must pay premiums in order for the insurance policy to stay in effect. If they stop paying or cancel it, then there will be no reimbursement to the beneficiaries.

The insurer’s premiums can be monthly or yearly payments. Yearly payments usually cost lesser than their monthly counterparts. Another thing to be noted is that the benefit will be free from any sort of tax deductions. This is why there have been cases of insurance fraud in this industry.

How Do the Beneficiaries Get Paid?

If the insurer mentions more than one beneficiary, the death benefit gets distributed amongst them. This means that it gets divided into percentages to be distributed amongst the wife, children, and parents. But one doesn’t just get to mention their family. Friends or charities can also receive the funds.

Who Is on Life Insurance?

There was a time when the coronavirus was an unthinkable thought. Even back then, there were still many people who were covered by life insurance. These were usually those who had dangerous jobs such as piloting, mining, or any remote job in a rural area.

Many older people also have this coverage for the sake of their caretakers. Homemakers with no source of income also find this policy extremely useful. Parents with small children are also frequent customers of this policy. There are many more people such as those who cannot purchase funeral expenses.

What do Do Life Insurance Companies want?

The insurance business is risky and this is why insurance companies perform a complete assessment of you. If you’re older or have been diagnosed with health problems before, they’ll charge you a higher premium. They’re just trying to not take a huge financial risk.

They check your entire medical history and you for faults. They’ll even look at your driving and criminal history to get a background check for any irregularities. Afterward, they’ll tell you how much your premium plan will cost.

Types Of Life Insurance

There are mainly two types of life insurance policies available: whole and term. They both have their respective pros and cons. They are covered in the following:

Whole Life Insurance

Also known as permanent life insurance, this policy stays with you as long as you keep making premium payments. While this may seem more expensive to the lot, an advantage is that your premium is fixed. It also increases your accumulated wealth. This is because of its cash value clause which is an investment.

Investopedia says that there are several types of whole life insurance. These include but aren’t limited to the whole and universal life insurances. They also include indexed and variable universal whole life insurances. Before you start checking out whole life insurance quotes, do take a look at the next type.

Term Life Insurance

The prime difference between these two insurances is the duration. The aforementioned whole life insurance stays with you as long as you want it to. It is usually done upon a time set by the insurer and the company. The insurer can select the number of years or decades.

With this, the insurance premium can increase over the years. This is because your age will increase over the set amount. This can weaken you, making you less eligible for an insurance plan. So, this is why whole life insurance is a better option.

Like the aforementioned whole life insurance, there are many types here as well. These include but aren’t limited to decreasing, convertible, and renewable term insurances. People select these because of the differences in plans and policies.

Should You Get Life Insurance for Covid?

Now that we’ve gotten the life insurance policies out of the way, let’s talk about covid. This is a disease that has a death rate or mortality rate of 3.4pc according to WHO. This and a lack of a proper cure make it very dangerous. It is often the case that people pass away from it after suffering heavily.

So yes, life insurance is a must-have nowadays. You never know who you are interacting with and covid can be extremely unpredictable. Many of the world’s countries that didn’t take it seriously have suffered greatly. This is why you must get life insurance to cover your death in case it happens.


So, what have we learned today? Well, a good life insurance deal can be quite a steal. This is because of the immense benefits that you can provide to your loved ones after your passing. Based on the two types of life insurance plans seen, it is the whole life insurance plan that seems more feasible.

This is because it is cheaper in the long run. Also, having life insurance in the covid era is a great idea. Once can be affected by the deadly disease at any point in time. Millions have died and many more may lose their lives as well. This is why there needs to be some sort of coverage for their beloved ones. Thanks for reading our article! You can subscribe to our newsletter for free.