Many of us are loving the ability to work from home, but it can also be challenging to stay focused with everyday distractions. If you want to work at home and be successful, it is vital that you take action and set up your space for success. We know this is no easy task. That’s why Julie Mott put together a quick guide to recommend a productive home office’s essential elements.

Julie Mott, IKEA Blogger, Shares 5 Essential Elements of a Productive Home Office

In this guide, Mott uses her love of IKEA furniture to point the way to a more productive space and a happier balance between your home life and your work life.


One of the most popular at-home solutions from IKEA is to create your own desk. IKEA has perfected this with the creation of their standalone desktop. You simply put the desktop on top of a small bookshelf or storage piece of your choice (both of which IKEA has available).

From there, you can add on or decorate to your heart’s desire. But at least now, you have a simple, affordable, and productive office with this one simple solution.

Craft Table Workspace

Another popular essential from IKEA is the Kallax Craft Table. You can quickly turn this craft table into a workspace and a storage space combined, and it will help you with productivity. It’s nice because it is simplistic and modern by design.

You can keep your workspace looking great and still have the perfect setup without looking tacky or taking up too much space. It doesn’t get much better than productivity and style.

Take a Stand

If you get tired of just sitting at a desk all day, maybe try standing. There are some great and affordable desks that transition from standing to sitting at will, so you can switch between the two as you like. There are many benefits to a standing desk, including increased health.

You can check out the IKEA Expedit standing desk or look for alternative options as well.

Spruce up the Office

If you have a full office space you need to spruce up to become more productive, IKEA can help with that too. They don’t only offer small-space solutions. You can make an entire L-shaped desk using IKEA products.

Having a good setup that is organized and effective in your space is the best way to be productive. Check out this inspiration. Grab some legs of your choice, some tabletops, and a drawer unit to create the L-shaped desk of your dreams!

Elevate Your Monitor

One challenging thing about sitting at a desk all day is the strain it causes to our neck and shoulders while looking down at our monitors and computers. Elevating your monitor to eye level could quickly improve your productivity and comfort in your home office.

You can use a shelf from IKEA on your desktop to elevate your monitor. Find something that works with your desk and use it to raise your monitor to eye level.

All of this just goes to show: No matter what you’re looking for, IKEA most likely has a solution. They are known for modern and innovative pieces that can meet just about any need out there.

About Julie Mott

Julie Mott is a Chicago-based IKEA fan and interior design enthusiast. Ms. Mott is an avid reader of interior design books, from which she draws inspiration. Her favorite interior designer is Joanna Gaines, and “Magnolia Home” is her go-to source for design ideas. Julie aspires to create an interior design hub for stay-at-home moms who shop on a budget.