Without caring too much about IBF World Champion Anthony Joshua’s words, the KIWI heavyweight Joseph Paker said  he is ready “to get it on”.  Joshua was asked about Joseph Parker bout with Frenchman Carlos Takam, he said that Parker should have knocked out Takam.

Recently, talks between a possible fight between these two heavyweight champions have intensified, especially since Parker became the challenger for the Englishman’s belt  when  he beat Carlos Takam by unanimous decision in Auckland last month.

For the IBF heavyweight champion Englishmen Anthony Joshua says he is willing to knock Breazeale out. Credit: Boxing Therapy

In an interview, Parker told Stuff.com Joshua  said he is more than a hundred percent sure he will eventually fight against Parker, but when that happens Parker will not beat him.

Right now, he believes he is in a position to fight for the world title.  He is aware of his IBF counterpart’s confidence, but he thinks that it can only be tested when both of them get in the ring. “ I’m just waiting for them to set a date, let me know where it is, and let’s get it on,” he added.

Joshua vs Brezealea: who will win next Saturday?

Regarding  Joshua’s encounter with American Dominican Breazeale on Saturday in the city of London, Parker predicts that Joshua will win the first three or four rounds. Therefore, even if a Parkers vs Joshua fight will only take place in 2017, Joshua is interested in getting Parkers’ title once he beats the undefeated American Breazeale.

Also, Kevin Barry, Parker’s trainer stated that Joshua will probably beat Breazeale (17-0). He said  that “Breazeale’s a perfect opponent for Joshua,”  because Parker’s future counterpart had 16 opponents designed to make him look glorious., which implies that Joshua had not had the chance to encounter a real challenge.

Breazeale said to Skysports he will hit Joshua hard and with everything as it is written in his game plan made by his trainer  Manny Robles.  He also said Joshua and himself are two knockout artists  so “whoever lands first is going to win” . In the interview, he also stated that he was very exciting about the bout. Joshua should not expose the weakness of some sort during the fight, otherwise, Brezealea will take advantage of it.

For the IBF heavyweight champion Englishmen Anthony Joshua says he is willing to knock Breazeale out, but he was also interested in giving a longer and  more rounded performance that could showcase his dextrous movements and footwork.

Source: Stuff