On the final episode of “Last Week Tonight” before a month hiatus, John Oliver addressed directly to presidency candidate Donald Trump and argued he should drop out. During the show, Oliver explains that Trump could be facing two scenarios: winning or losing, and he argues that both are bad for him. That is why he offers him a third option and says dropping out will be the only way Trump could save his legacy.

The HBO host argued that on one hand, winning will be a terrible thing for Donald Trump because, according to him, Trump always looks miserable every time he has to do what Presidents do, like distributing disaster reliefs. On his latest episode, Oliver said that if Donald Trump wins the elections, he would actually have to run the country. Therefore, he would have to live in the White House, talk to fully clothed women, and so on.

Oliver went on the compare Trump to an alien who just trained its human speeching abilities from Charlie Sheen's interview videos. Image Credit: YouTube
Oliver went on the compare Trump to an alien who just trained its human speeching abilities from Charlie Sheen’s interview videos. Image Credit: YouTube

On the other hand, if Trumps loses it will destroy his brand and his reputation. Donald Trump has repeatedly said throughout his campaign that he is characterized by being a winner. He has stated that the only thing he has done in life is winning, and losing against Hillary Clinton will not only be a defeat. In his words, losing the elections to Hillary Clinton would be terrible, and that is because “crooked” Hillary Clinton, as Trump calls her, is considered by 60 percent of the American population as an untrustworthy person.

After exposing these arguments, Oliver addresses directly to Donald Trump and says to him: “Drop out.” But the comedian backs his statement with reasonable points, although they are explained as a mockery of Trump’s campaign.

John Oliver proposal to Trump is not only dropping out but telling America that his campaign was an orchestrated satire designed to expose the flaws in the American system. Oliver even compares this action with a book and shows his audience a children’s classic tale of ‘The Kid Who Ran for President.’

In the book, a kid runs for president and, yes, he wins. Oliver links what is currently happening in the presidential campaign involving Trump with what happens after the boy becomes President of the United States.

The show’s host focuses on how accurate the children book is when compared to Trump’s actual campaign model. Nonetheless, Oliver urges the Republican presidential candidate to play this ‘strategic move’ and claim it was a charade with the purpose of exposing the flaws in the systems.

John Oliver’s proposal

John Oliver says to Trump that he will become a legend if he actually does what the kid did to teach America a lesson. The host of Last Week Tonight said that Trump had exposed several good points during his campaign regarding the U.S. system.

About politics, Trump stated once, after being criticized for donating to Democrats in the past, that he donated to all people that asked him to do it, because two, three years later he would call them back and ask them for favors, and they would do it.

Given that Donald Trump has made clear he won't attend Oliver's show, the british host dedicated a full segment for the Republican presidential candidate. Image Credit: WSJ
Given that Donald Trump has made clear he won’t attend Oliver’s show, the british host dedicated a full segment for the Republican presidential candidate. Image Credit: WSJ

Trump claimed that the fact politicians make favors to those who donated them during their campaign was a sign of a broken system. Another aspect Trump’s campaign highlighted about the flaws of the country was the actions of the Republican party during his candidacy. Oliver says that Republican lawmakers backed Trump even when he urged Russians to hack his adversaries emails or when he encouraged gun activists saying they could stop Hillary Clinton, by killing her.

But for Oliver, the most important point that Trump’s campaign exposed is the fact that the American people supported him even when he was out of control. The American people, in spite of Trump saying incoherent facts and economical, political and social measures on national TV.

Despite Trump tagged Latin Americans as rapists and the reason why Americans do not have jobs, or even after Trump accused Obama and Hillary Clinton of funding ISIS, the American people did nothing to stop him, and they even supported him.  And the most concerning aspect is that they still do.

Source: HBO GO