Jim Carrey‘s lawyer has responded to the latest lawsuit against the actor regarding his late girlfriend Cathriona White, calling the accusations of Carrey giving White three different types of Sexually Transmitted Diseases a “bogus and desperate claim.”

Cathriona White was found dead in her apartment after she overdosed on prescription drugs. An autopsy, later on, confirmed the Irish actress had committed suicide. Since White’s passing the actor has faced controversy over the prescription drugs that caused the actress death, since they had been labeled with a fake name that the artist commonly used. Most recently, a lawsuit was filed by Mark Burton the estranged husband of Carrey’s ex.

White’s husband has yet to respond to Carrey’s and Singer’s allegations. Responses to the case or the lawsuit have not been issued yet. Image Credit: Business Insider

In the lawsuit, Burton claimed that not only the actor had provided White with the prescription drugs but that one of the main reasons she committed suicide was due to a set of STD’s Carrey had given White.

On Thursday Burton’s documents were filled and recovered by People Magazine who informs the lawsuit pledged Carrey infecting white with the diseases in early 2013 and pledging her to remain quiet about the subject.

According to the documents, Carrey contracted his late girlfriend with gonorrhea and oral and genital herpes. Burton’s lawsuit also include a set of text messages between Carrey and White during that time, discussing the prescription drugs and a hand written letter from the actress to Carrey.

Prescription drugs and STD’s 

Martin D. Singer, Carrey’s attorney, called on Thursday the “wrongful death” lawsuit a desperate claim that tried to hide the “shame marriage” behind Burton and White, who had been married since 2013 but didn’t live in the same state.

According to Singer, Carrey’s late girlfriend had asked several groups of friends and even Carrey to marry her so she could remain the country. White married Burton in a Las Vegas chapel over the course of 2013, but the couple didn’t live together.

However, Carrey’s relationship with White had been on and off since 2013 after they met on a film set, the couple dated for several months before splitting up and going back together in 2014.

A recovered letter from White to Carrey read the struggles the actress was going trough after she learned her boyfriend and actor had given her three different types of STD’s but never claim responsibility.

Friends told police that White received an upsetting letter from her mother not long before she killed herself. Credit: DailyMail

“I wanted an apology, to be acknowledged and to be respected, be enough to take responsibility and say ‘I gave you this, intentional or not, I gave it to you I understand that this is something that will affect you for the rest of your life, your future relationships or the lack of because of this,” read White’s handwritten letter obtained by New York Daily News.

Cathriona’s letter continues to explain how the actress and makeup artists felt so disrespected and how she was treated by Carrey, according to White’s word “I was disrespected, degraded, called a whore and an opportunist,”

The emotional letter described how White was afraid the diseases would keep her away from finding love again ” I have to accept something I was always afraid of. Being alone.” read the letter.

However, Singer explains that if White had the diseases and felt betrayed by Carrey, she wouldn’t have gotten back together with the 54-year old actor.

The recovered documents also included a series of text messages between Carrey and White regarding the prescribed drugs and attempts of the actress to get back together with Carrey.

The actor carried his ex-girlfriend’s coffin at her funeral in Ireland. Image Credit: Mirror UK

In the text messages, the 54-year old actor addressed the STD’s by writing ” I hope you’re ok hun, it could be from someone before me, it should be fine though but must likely something else,” read the text message from February 20th, 2013.

White addressed that text message in the handwritten letter by pledging she had been tested before having sexual relationships with Carrey “Yes most likely something else,” wrote White.

After the lawsuit was issued Carrey questioned Burton’s motives behind the allegations by stating: “Is this the way a ‘husband’ honors the memory of his wife, the real disease here is greed, shameful greed,”

Carrey’s attorney supported his client’s allegations and explained the actor had suffered a great deal for the past year since the woman he loved had killed herself, so it was “outrageous that he should be subjected to this predatory lawsuit.”

Source: NY Daily News