Amid Prince’s recent passing, Jamie Lee Curtis published an essay commenting her struggle against opiates through the abuse of painkillers.

The 57-year old actress addressed the desperation of being addicted to this type of drug.

“I too, took too many at once. I too, sought to kill emotional and physical pain with painkillers. Kill it. Make it stop,” said Jamie Lee Curtis.

Jamie Lee Curtis
The beloved actress Jamie Lee Curtis gave an insight to her darker times of drug abuse in wake of Prince’s death and memorial. Image Credit: Addiction

The problem of opiate addiction

The actress and children’s book author let out her experiences in an article on The Huffington Post. There, she commented how she “was toxic,” just like Prince. According to Curtis, many seek emotional and physical relief through the use of opiates.

Jamie Lee Curtis has been going through recovery for over 17 years. She revealed that she got the drugs through prescription after a medical procedure, through which she got addicted just as the craving set in. Curtis’ prescription for painkillers was reportedly issued after a “routine cosmetic surgical procedure,” thus becoming quickly addicted.

Curtis addressed that Prince is just one of the many artists who has passed away due to addiction to opiates. She says the government and official entities should place a heavier emphasis on treating and preventing opiate addiction.

Remembering Prince

Prince was found dead in an elevator in his house last April. He had prescription painkillers on him and it is known that he had to perform an emergency landing and cancel a concert due to drug-related issues. Reports also suggest that Prince was addicted to cocaine back in 2011, where he revealed to an anonymous woman that he could not “control his habit and she was advised to report it.” The reports were ignored as they did not signify an “immediate danger” for the artist. Michael Jackson’s death was also credited to painkillers, specifically Propofol.

Jamie Lee Curtis gained recognition after her appearance in John Carpenter’s Halloween on 1978. She starred on other movies of the horror genre. She frequently writes and posts blog entries for The Huffington Post. She has recently appeared on FOX’s comedy horror series Scream Queens.

Source: The Huffington Post