Raqqa – According to the social media accounts of citizen journalists from Raqqa, militants of the Islamic State group (ISIS) executed a woman in Syria’s northeastern city of Raqqa accusing her of spying for the Free Syrian Army. The post said Hassan was killed sometime late last year but ISIS only informed her family of her death this week, saying she had been executed for espionage.

Ruqia Hassan, 30 years old, studied philosophy at Aleppo University and in 2011, after the nation’s civil war began, she joined the student-led uprising in Raqqa against Syrian President Bashar Assad. When ISIS took the city of Raqqa in 2013 Hassan refused to leave and she began writing about life in Raqqa, ISIS’s so called capital using the pseudonym Nissan Ibrahim.

Photo: Mashable/Abu Mohammed
Photo: Mashable/Abu Mohammed

Her posts on Facebook reported how everyday life in the city under ISIS dominance was. For instance, when the Islamic State tried to ban Wi-Fi hotspots in the city she posted a message in respond “Go ahead and cut off the Internet, our messenger pigeons won’t complain” she wrote with a mixture of rebellious and dark humor. In another of her characteristic post, Hassan posted a photograph of an old TV antenna, with the caption “A little to the right. Yes, yes, no, now a little to the left… no it’s not working. You come down and I’ll go up. Remember… those were the best days.”

On July 21st her postings on Facebook abruptly stopped. Her messages that last day were full with desires of peace and safety.

Abu Mohammed, founder of Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS), a group exposing human rights abuses from within Syria tweeted Hassan’s last known message: “I’m in Raqqa and I received death threats, and when #ISIS [arrests] me and kills me it’s ok because they will cut my head and I have dignity its better than I live in humiliation with #ISIS.”

Lina Qasen, 35 years old, is another women executed by the Islamic State Group. They shoot her to death on Wednesday on charges of giving security information to the U.S. led coalition which has been striking ISIS positions in Syria and Iraq for nearly two years. She had been an employee in the Postal Corporation of Raqqa before ISIS jihadists took over the city in the summer of 2013.

Source: CNN