Cross-industry networking is becoming increasingly important for success in today’s global marketplace. The International Society of Female Professionals is an organization devoted to networking and career advancement for female professionals. They are here to explain cross-industry networking and why it’s essential.

International Society of Female Professionals Explains Cross-Industry Networking

What is Cross-Industry Networking?

Cross-industry networking is the process of networking with professionals outside of your own industry. The traditional means of networking focus highly on your own industry. This creates silos. Different industries each have their own silos. These silos contain the ideas and practices of the industry.

Cross-industry networking means stepping out of these silos. This opens up new worlds of thoughts, practices, and innovations.

Cross Industry Networking Worldview

According to developmental psychologist Robert Kegan, cross-industry networking has its own worldview. He states that as the world and its problems become more complex, you are presented with two options.

The first option is to simplify the way you see things. This allows you to face the challenges on your own.

The other option is to tackle issues with all the nuance and complexity that they possess. To do this, you will need to work with others. This allows you to broaden your perspective to accommodate complex issues.

The International Society of Female Professionals explains that Cross-industry networking uses this concept on a broader scale. It brings in fresh perspectives and allows collaboration between a greater number of individuals.

Why You Should Network Out of Your Industry

There are many reasons to network outside your industry. Industries and job markets are constantly changing. If you have connections outside of your industry, you’ll find it easier if you need a career change.

It also reduces groupthink. It’s human nature to be drawn to individuals we have a lot in common with. However, this prevents you from being exposed to different points of view.

You need balanced relationships based on commonalities and relationships based on differences.

How to Cross-Industry Network

The first step to starting cross-industry networking is to inventory your current contacts. Start with the five people you are closest to. Then, expand your circle to your closest fifty contacts.

You need to diversify if more than 70% of your circle is within the same company or industry.

If you need to expand your contacts, start with people you already know. Perhaps you have acquaintances from other industries or people from different professions with whom you’ve lost touch.

Begin building relationships with these people. Ask them to connect you with some of their other contacts as well.

You should also consider joining a networking organization, like the International Society of Female Professionals.

You’ll need to schedule networking time. It’s easy to put networking off, particularly when you are busy. However, it’s important enough to warrant dedicated time.


The International Society of Female Professionals is devoted to improving women’s professional and personal lives through connection, support, and empowerment.

The organization provides networking, professional development, and support. They seek to help empower women to make a difference in their organizations and communities.