Innerexile developed a screen protector for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: APPL) that heals minor scratches from the surface in just one second. Nevertheless, it will not provide protection against dropping the phone.

The screen saver has microcapsules that contain a liquid that fills the space so fast that the scratch disappears —so quickly that you can barely see it happening.

Innerexile is a company that manufactures electronic mobile accessories. It uses technology and techniques to design the phone accessories to protect the mobile devices from cracks and scratches once they fall. Credit: iMore

It works perfectly with the type of scratches that appear when you have your phone in the pocket of your jeans, placed along with keys, or when you pass it over a metal surface.

Also, testers of the Innerexile product stated that it also works with scratches made by knives or other sharp materials, although the scratch doesn’t fully go away, according to reviews posted on Innerexile’s website. However, they announced that the temperature in order to heal the scratch has to be “right” —approximately 25 degrees Celsius.

The self-repair coating has a hydro-oleophobic technology that wipes off fingerprints real easy. The screen saver will also maintain the quality of the phone’s display, with 92 percent of clarity and color accuracy for the high-resolution retina display. The 3D touch feature will also work without problems.

Innerexile states in the product description, that it has been tested against 2000g bronze brush, and there are tons of video reviews online. The pre-order has already started on Amazon, for a price of $23.99 a piece for the iPhone 6s, and $25.99 for the 6s Plus Version. Shipping will start on November 3.

The company keeps improving their products, as the self-healing screen protector has beaten the LG G Flex 2, its closest competitor that failed to successfully repair the level of damage tested for the Innerexile product —it shows in the video review.

Source: Engadget