“If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will” – Bob Hooey

Your business needs growth and growth comes from customers. More customers mean more capital, if that is not obvious, then what is?

Increase Lead Generation with CRM Data

It is acknowledged, a proper lead generation process needs a centralized CRM system to make your business more efficient and profitable.

Now, the basic question: What is CRM?

CRM means Customer Relationship Management.

CRM is combining technology with strategies for collecting the information of your customer and with a complete analysis of customer interaction.

The target is to improve customer services, as it is essential in retaining your customers.

Managing customer relationships is one of the top priorities which you cannot afford to ignore as it is one of the most vulnerable processes.

CRM for small businesses, in particular, plays a significant role in maintaining the relationship between your business and individuals who are probably your potential customers.  As per a report, worldwide spending on CRM software grew 15.6% with Salesforce CRM dominating the market with a 19.5% market share in 2018.

However, this is not only about your customers, but your colleagues as well.

Others: Do you need CRM software?

Me: Yes!

Let me explain in detail:

1. CRM is an easy way to keep all the necessary information about your customers in a single data. No more hassling on spreadsheets and multiple databases, now your employees can search for customer’s data with one single click.

All you need to do is make a single entry of the client’s details. The next time they contact your employers, everything is automatically organized and grouped by the CRM data system.

2. Grouping customers, according to their preferences, is made easy with the CRM system. Send messages and interact with the customers with specific messages and topics to fit their segments.

Before a lead becomes a client, there are lots of things to consider to make sure they are ready to buy. Grouping contacts of these possible leads help the sales staff in better selling procedure, with fewer complications.

3. The closing number of business deals shows immense progress. When your employers are contacting a customer or a lead, it is vital to know the status of the communication, and if it is going to become a deal.

CRM comes handy in this area because the system gives access to sales staff into the details of the customers.

4. Interaction with the leads is a repetitive and lengthy process, and that is a usual phenomenon.

With CRM, we are automating contacts recording, handling emails, and managing sales pipelines.

Thus, we eventually save time and money. Now isn’t that what business is all about?

Do you still need more reasons to use CRM data? Simply put, customers are the assets to business establishments, and CRM is an empathy-oriented approach to interact with your assets and keep them coming back.

How to Use CRM Data to Increase Lead Generation

Empowering your team to manage sales pipeline from stirring leads to retaining hot potential buyers requires the CRM lead generation. This system ensures a strong post-sales follow-up.

According to statistics given by Salesforce, businesses that use CRM software have witnessed an increase in their sales up to 30% and also at sales productivity up to 35%. Customer satisfaction has also improved by at least 35%.

There are many ways CRM data can help boost lead generation.

1. They Can Track Leads: The software tracks the status of the leads in their journey. Taking into account every conversation, the CRM system comes to specific conclusions and analyze their potentiality accordingly.

2. Better Marketing Campaigns: Focusing on the details of the leads, the CRM software segments the customers into groups and provides them with personalized messages.

When the customers are contacted on a personal level, they feel special, thus creating a strong relationship.

3. Learning from Success: After closing a deal, the conversation is not deleted but saved in the CRM software for further reference. This can prove useful in interacting with future prospects.

In Conclusion

Every business has now realized the importance of CRM for the overall success, and now experts also see a bright future for CRM, in taking the business to a whole new level.

Starting a business takes a lot of courage, and all it takes to make it grow with the CRM software.

Author Bio:

Robert Jordan, a seasoned marketing professional with over 10 years of experience, currently working as Media Relations Manager at InfoClutch Inc, which is a leading supplier of most sought after technology databases including SAP customers list, Salesforce CRM customers list & many more technologies. Have expertise in setting up the lead flow for budding startups and takes it to the next level. Have a deep interest in SEO, SEM & Social Media related discussions. Always open for new ideas & discussions.