With the growth of technology and the interconnected, ‘global’ village that we live in today, it is easier than ever before to hone a craft or train yourself in a new skill. Sat at home on a rainy day and stuck for inspiration? Here are five different skills that you can hone from the comfort of your own home, helping you to become a jack of all trades, and a master of them all too!

5 skills that you can hone from the comfort of your own home

Learn a digital skill

Tons of technology-focused jobs and roles are being created year-on-year in order to keep on top of and harness developing technology. For this reason, adding a digital skill to your arsenal will massively increase your value as an employee to a potential company.

Launching a new programme for the fall, as students get ready to sink their teeth into a new academic year, Google’s digital garage is an incredible toolkit for anyone and everyone wanting to learn a valuable new skill in the digital age, and awards accreditation and certificates that can be added to LinkedIn, bolstering your CV. Better still, a lot of these courses are absolutely FREE. Topics include modules on coding, digital marketing, and even social media brand management.

Monetize your Passion

With sites such as Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer, freelancing is easier than ever in the modern-day, and it is an incredible way to spend your free time. Not only can you make money while doing it, but by working as a freelance writer or programmer, for example, your skills will grow as a side effect.

Freelancing is a viable additional income stream for anyone willing to take it seriously and treat it as a second job. In fact, many people pursue freelance work as full-time employees, and in the UK it was reported in 2016 that freelancers contributed £119 billion to the country’s economy, and they now represent 15% of the working population.

Learn to speak another language

Learning to speak a language other than your native tongue is an invaluable tool and can be great fun. Over two-thirds of the country don’t speak more than one language, so why not try and stand out from the crowd?

Duolingo is an excellent way of learning a language while filling time on the commute from work or while waiting and throws in tournaments and league incentives to gamify the learning experience.

Allocating your savings and capital

In the 21st century, successful investment has never been more straightforward, and more achievable from the comfort of your own home. With trading apps and sites dedicated to providing efficient and dynamic investment information, both first-time and experienced investors can get involved.

If you have a larger sum of savings or capital and want to invest it in a more weighty asset class, property investment is one of the most secure and lucrative on the market at the moment, and cities across the UK continue to thrive. Property investment experts such as RW Invest are just a phone call away, and with VR property viewings and an abundance of online guides and resources, you can kickstart your property journey without even leaving your chair.

Learn to play and instrument

Want to serenade a fair maiden with Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’ at a party? There are plenty of apps available that can give you bite-sized lessons as-and-when you feel like it, and even video guides online from some great musicians. For the budding guitarist, Fender offers a video series on YouTube, again absolutely free.

If all else fails and you just don’t have the ear for it, consider investing in a harmonica to annoy your neighbors with the best prison blues rendition your lungs can muster.