Whether you have a large home, several floors or too many walls blocking signals, keeping your WiFi speeds consistent throughout your home can be a challenge. Every obstacle between you and your router means slower and slower WiFi. While you might be able to enjoy a fast connection in your living room where your router is, your bedroom, patio, or basement might be a different story. The same problem exists in office spaces, where walls, cubicles, and equipment, not to mention dozens or hundreds of users at once logging on, can cut WiFi speeds to unusable levels.

4 Benefits of Adding a Whole House WiFi System

Luckily there is a solution. With a mesh network, you can enjoy fast, consistent WiFi throughout your home or office, all while using just one WiFi system. Keep reading to learn the benefits of adding a mesh network to your space.

1. Use Your WiFi Anywhere in Your Home or Office

There are plenty of things that block the signal coming from your router. In fact, just about everything between your router and your device affect its signal. This means that the further you get from your router, the slower the speeds and the more unreliable the connection becomes.

With a mesh network, you still have one main router. But in addition to that router, you also have a series of satellite modules. These are placed throughout your home or office, and receive a signal from the main router that they then boost. You’re still using your one WiFi system and a single password to access the internet. However, your WiFi range and speeds are drastically improved.

2. No More Worrying About Unseen Interferences

It’s not just walls or furniture that you have to worry about getting in the way of your WiFi signal. There are also tons of unseen interferences that weaken your signal and slow your speeds.

At home, microwaves, baby monitors, or garage door openers can all affect your signal. In an office space, other WiFi networks, security features, and Bluetooth devices can all slow your own office’s wireless internet.

3. Everyone Can Use the WiFi at the Same Time

The average American spends nearly 24 hours a week on the internet, 17 of which are spent surfing the web at home while the rest is for work or on the go, reports MIT Technology Review.

Whether you have an office full of people who all need the internet to work or a house full of kids and family members fighting over a connection, a traditional single router just won’t cut it. With whole-house WiFi, everyone can get an uninterrupted connection, even when surfing the web at the same time.

4. Consistently Fast Speeds

While you may be spreading your WiFi connection across many different satellite modules, you won’t have to worry about dropped connections. If a single module goes out, the rest of the system will continue to operate without interruption.

Setting Up Your Whole Home WiFi

No matter what you choose to use your internet connection for, dealing with slow speeds, bad connections, or dropped signals is always a drag. When you’re trying to get work done at home or in an office, your kids need the web to finish their homework, or you just want to finish paying bills, poor WiFi can become a serious problem.

A whole-home WiFi network or a mesh network for your office can solve this issue. With fast, consistent speeds, everyone can stay connected — from anywhere.