Genesis is Hyundai‘s new luxury brand of vehicles, and this year the G90 will be featured as its flagship sedan.

Previously, the G90 was known as Equus. Its proposal in design and affordability allows it to compete against other luxury vehicles such as the Audi A8 and the Cadillac CT6. The 2017 Genesis G90 will be publicly released late September with a list price of $68,100. The 2017 Genesis G90 features a 3.3lt V6 engine with 365 horsepower. A four-wheel drive model is available for an additional couple grand.

Genesis G90
A more powerful 420 horsepower version is also available, boasting a 5.0lt engine. Image source: Hyundai.

G90: Price and features

The G90’s selling point is that it is much cheaper than an Audi A8, which costs $82,500 and features similar characteristics. The Cadillac CT6 is a cheaper alternative, but it is much smaller than the G90. For a twin-turbo V6 Cadillac CT, customers must pay $65,390, but the vehicle is substantially smaller than Genesis’ new car.

The Genesis G90 features a large amount of dedicated safety and comfort equipment. It has automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, smart cruise control, multi-view cameras, parking sensors, complimentary maintenance, and valet, blind spot detection, driver attention alert, complimentary SiriusXM and Map Care.

Reviewers have labeled the G90 as a quiet and comfortable drive even at high speeds. Reportedly, the wheels have dedicated acoustic chambers that allow for a reduced noise produced by the contact with the road. Its powerful engine allows the driver to have complete control of the car’s acceleration, as it is characterized by being smooth and responsive to the pedal.

Genesis G90
New Genesis G90. Image source: Hyundai.

Drivers will enjoy the G90’s head-on display, which makes the user aware of the wheel’s direction, gas levels, lane position and overall speed. These features pair up perfectly with the cruise control and lane-keeping functions that this vehicle brings without an additional cost.

The dashboard is comprised of a 12.3-inch LCD screen, showing navigation tools, Bluetooth connectivity, and audio controls that can be configured through the car’s intuitive console. Thanks to the G90’s keyboard and screens, pilots and co-pilots can look for addresses and places worth visiting with relative ease. However, pilots are not allowed to use the search interface while the car is on the go.

Hyundai will present Genesis in its dedicated showroom in Seoul, South Korea, featuring wooden floor boards and steel casing, generating on visitors a sensation of luxury and sophistication. Visitors may engage in test drives and direct purchases from the car dealership.

Genesis G90
With its affordable price tag, Hyundai seeks to make an impact through its Genesis brand, perhaps managing to take out some of Audi’s lifelong fanatics by presenting a cheaper and fashionable luxury sedan. Image source: Hyundai.

Genesis CEO Manfred Fitzgerald asserted that the Hyundai branch will open its own dealerships in South Korea and throughout the rest of the world, focusing first on busy areas to catch the eye of buyers looking for mid-high range luxury sedan vehicles. Genesis will also start producing more sedans, SUVs, and coupes in the next few years.

Source: CNET