Vine co-founders have launched a new app focused on live broadcasts with features to customize videos and make them funnier. The move occurred four years after they sold their popular app to Twitter and. Called Hype, the service lets users add different multimedia content in the same live broadcast, which suggests it would fiercely play against Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live. The app is already available on the App Store and will soon come to Android.

Ironically, users will be able to share their Hype creations on Twitter and Facebook. The app was debuted on Product Hunt last Thursday when Vine co-founders Rus Yusupov and Collin Kroll held a live session on Hype. They discussed the history of Vine and viewers asked them questions by posting comments during the live broadcast, according to Fortune. By then, only those who had a unique code could have access to it, but iOS users can now download it from their mobile devices.

Vine has just llaunched its new live broadcasting app, Hype. Photo credit: Vine /
Vine has just launched its new live broadcasting app, Hype. Photo credit: Vine /

Unlike Periscope and Facebook Live, Hype lets users blend content they have already created with live videos, as reported by TechCrunch. The app also allows them to display viewer comments in their broadcasts as well as music and emojis. Creators can also add a video as the background of their broadcast.

What is even funnier is that viewers can tap on specific visual items to like them, which creates colored stars around the individual elements. Although these sparkles emulate Periscope’s effervescing hearts, they play a more useful role because it lets creators know what parts of their content viewers liked the most and use them in future videos.

Users can take advantage of the stars in many ways. When testing the app, TechCrunch’s Natasha Lomas saw a broadcast from a guy who wanted to get 20,000 sparkles to shave his mustache.

Hype also allows people to replay broadcasts after the fact and it keeps count on how many viewers the content attracted and how many sparkles the creator received. Authors can choose from a variety of windows forms on which their content will be housed, including a small circle, a square or a triangular screen.

Hype promises limitless ways of showing content

The new live broadcast service encourages people to be creative and push their imagination to the limit. Users can create live videos to comment on shows, events, or news. They can also start games with the viewers by taking advantage of the live interaction the app supports and show them songs of video clips without the need to edit the content afterward. There is no postproduction on Hype as everything happens thanks to the supported material mix simultaneously.

Lomas wrote in a TechCrunch article that she saw a Hype-created guessing game in with emojis where the clues. The prize was free pizza. She also saw a guy listening to 80s music while driving his car and a more creative broadcast of a fat man dancing on his underpants.

Source: Tech Crunch