Recovery is never an easy journey, but in times like these, there are new and unique challenges. Whether you’ve just started recovery or have been on this path for some time, the pandemic definitely changes things.

How to Stay on the Road to Recovery From Addiction During COVID-19

A pandemic can change someone’s perspective in so many ways. There’s only one thing certain right now, and it’s these are challenging times.

So, if you’re struggling to stay on the road to recovery during this pandemic, you’re not alone. Here are some tips to stay on track when the weight of the world seems to get heavier every day.

Manage your newsfeed

There are more news sources than ever, and even your old high school buddy has become an infectious disease specialist in the wake of this pandemic. But if you listen to everyone, you’re probably going to watch your stress levels soar. And this can leave you more vulnerable to a relapse. So instead of letting news from various sources hit you wherever you are, try to manage your newsfeed. Unsubscribe to people and channels that are promoting fear-based stories and dedicate a certain time each day to getting news from your preferred sources. This will help keep your anxiety from spiking throughout the day, and it’ll keep you safer from a relapse.

Keep in touch

Isolation is getting to everyone during this pandemic, but it’s especially difficult for people who are on the road to recovery. This is a time when it can seem like time stands still. Most recovery experts recommend staying busy during your day, but this can be difficult if you can’t go to work or visit friends and family. During this pandemic, gyms and all other non-essential businesses are closed. Still, you can create a sense of connection by holding daily zoom meetings with your friends, family, and sober supports. Make an effort to reach out to one new person a day to check-in and see how they’re doing. Not only will it help you pass the time, but it will help others feel more connected as well. We’re at a time when everyone is feeling isolated and alone. So keeping in touch can really benefit everyone.

Focus on fitness

Addiction can take a toll on your immune system, so while you’re in recovery, it’s always wise to focus on building your body’s natural defenses back up. But especially with a damaging virus that’s spreading faster than we’ve seen in our lifetimes, it’s especially wise to build your body’s natural immunity. There are strong links between gut health and immunity, and probiotics can help with recovery. Studies have shown that alcohol addiction is often linked to an imbalance in gut flora.

Sleep well

Insomnia can be a problem for people in recovery, and this sleep disorder can also weaken your immune system or lead to heart disease. So during this pandemic, try to focus on high-quality sleep as much as possible. Most adults should get between seven and eight hours of sleep each night. So be sure to set a bedtime that allows enough time for sleep. And if you still aren’t sleeping enough, talk to your doctor about potential reasons and solutions.

It’s a challenging time to be in recovery, but there are ways to reframe the current pandemic to make it feel more manageable. Remember that this is temporary, so just focus on getting through this pandemic and its associated stay-at-home orders. When you’re on the other side, it’ll feel like it’s all downhill from there. Just imagine how far you can come personally in a few short weeks. If you’re struggling, always reach out to your sober supports. You will get through this.