They say Christmas is the time for love, gifts, and friendship. But how do we get the love, gifts, and friendship to have the desired effect? It can be much more with the right song. The right song will lift the spirit of people and set them in the mood for whatever is coming; It could turn into a live session, a time for partners, and even a family vacation. Having a very good Christmas song helps to cement your place on top music charts. This further helps you in having a wider reach and also generating more income.

How to Record Your Christmas Classic Songs

If you are a songwriter or you just wish to write one for your family during Christmas. Here are a few tips to do that, but before that, let’s help you define what songwriting is.

What is songwriting? Songwriting is the creative act of composing songs, by writing the song’s lyrics, creating its melody or a tune for the song. A songwriter basically is a creative writer who creates and sets people’s moods through the lyrics and melody of the song. This article, therefore, is written to help improve your songwriting skills, as we at Show4me believe in creativity. Now let us get down to it.

There are three parts of the song that should be carefully taken care of. They are:

  1. The Song Idea.
  2. The lyrics.
  3. The melody.

Writing a song is often not easy even the best songwriters get writer’s block along the way. So how do you write and record your own song this Christmas for an amazing experience? There you go:

Choose the Right Song Idea

The song idea is often the concept of the song, the core idea. This is Christmas you are writing about, your idea should elevate the spirit of Christmas, make people who listen to the song bask in all of its splendidness! The concept of Christmas is often nostalgic more than any other holiday, so let your song make the audience nostalgic too, let them want to go back to the time.

Write obvious and interesting lyrics

Lyric writing is often the most annoying, frustrating, and important part of songwriting. It is often said that songwriters whose songs have made it to the top music charts were once songwriters who get really frustrated when writing song lyrics because of writer’s block and lack of inspiration to write the right lyrics. This is because inspiration is something you have to go out to look for! It doesn’t just come; it is out there waiting for you to come for it. Some say the spirit of Christmas inspires you, others say you have to be nostalgic about it to be able to write a song about it at all but all in all, you have to be inspired somehow.

In writing a Christmas classic song, you have to consider the obvious. When I say the obvious, I mean the keywords that are often said to describe the day-to-day Christmas lifestyle e.g. the events that occurred more than two thousand years ago (the birth of Christ), the love that is shared annually, the Christmas tree, the food, the joy received from neighbors, etc. should make up your lyrics to make it accepted into the ‘traditional Christmas list’.

The melody

A tune, a note, or a tone that makes up a song that is arranged to harmonically make the song a masterpiece. When creating a melody for your Christmas songs, don’t forget that songs like these are always or mostly singalongs. You don’t want to write a song that won’t fit into the traditional spirit of Christmas. Therefore, the time signature should be mostly 4/4. Make sure your melody is a very catchy one though so that the kids don’t get bored with your song and switch it to the next song when it’s time for your song to play.