Christmas is one of the most observed traditions world-over. Everybody wants to check their mailbox and find something for their Christmas. This is a tradition that should weigh your mind even as early as September. And it’s an opportune time to start planning well for that perfect Mixbook Christmas photocard. As much as the practice is common in the last decade, it’s time to forego the traditional postcards. This is an era where things are digital, but people love having something special in their hands like a physical copy of your family and friends.

How to Pick the Right Christmas Postcard

Select the Best Photos

Obviously, you have a rough idea of your favorite photo. This is important as the landscape or the portrait should be right even if it has a white space atop the picture.

Examine the Holiday Cards at Mixbook

Mixbook is perfect as it one of the best among other photo card companies available. Their quality, price and even card options are great. Plus, you get free printed addresses on your postcards. It’s a great time-saver if you have a busy lifestyle and work commitment. Choose a great design that is fun and whimsical but natural.

Customize Your Photos

After selecting your preferred photos, try to customize by doing the following:

Changing the shape to scalloped, square, or rounded corners among others.

Change the format by using a cost-saving format. It’s cheaper and you save on postage.

Choose the right color options that coordinate best with the photo

Change the greeting to Christmas and input your preferred wording option

Edit your name on the card

Add Extras

There are endless possibilities when it comes to extras you can add. You can even choose to patch postage stamps for the cards to make it wild and amazing. Also, choose the right envelope color that agrees well with your postcard. Choose the right slip liner for the envelope and you can add a return address if you deem suitable. Pick your favorite upgrade to save much time and you can wrap the return address stickers around to give your postcard an extra pop of color.

Recipient Address

Add your recipient address, it’s free and you can just upload it to your site and it gets printed for you. Simple as that.

Designate the Cards to the Recipients

Each family member should receive a Christmas postcard. Ensure each of them gets the appropriate card. Also, if you intend to send it to your friends, pick the right one that they would really love. Keep a specific list of what each should receive and separate those who are to receive personalized cards from those who don’t to avoid mixing stuff up.

Proper Timing

The postcard should be in the mail early so that it arrives just on time. You can start the preparations after the thanksgiving holiday to ensure the cars get to their destination by the second week of December. Don’t wait too long as the delivery service is usually busy at this time and you prefer the Christmas postcard to arrive in time for the celebrations and not after.

Some people love to make it colorful and unique by adding a personalized message and signature. Print companies offer a unique opportunity that you can use to ensure you have a note inside that says it all. A short handwritten personal note can spice things up.