There cannot be enough emphasis on how much the surroundings affect the people. Whether it is our home or office, the environment has a direct impact on our lifestyle and work capabilities. People always talk about how to make their home a green and healthy space to lead a happy life. Just like that, it is very important to have a healthy environment in an office.

Employee Seating in Office

It doesn’t matter if it’s an MNC or a small office; employees everywhere have stress and pressure to get things done, and deadlines to meet. The office environment has a direct impact on people’s physical as well as mental health. It possesses the power to alter the productivity of the employees. Along with sheer talent, it is essential to provide the employees with a healthy environment to get optimum productivity.

A healthy office environment will not only help the employee in his work but will also positively impact his attitude towards life in general. Both the Company and the employee will benefit from a healthy workplace. More and more companies are now taking these issues seriously. There are many things that a Company can work on to make the environment healthy and stress-free. The steps may sound small but they are very huge on their impacts if followed properly.

Some general things like a well-being plan, making discussions mandatory, developing goals and objectives, awards and incentives, awareness about mental health can be launched in the office. We will talk about this plan in a bit. Apart from these activity-oriented steps, there are certain office supplies that can be incorporated in the office to make it a better place. We present you two of these amazing office supplies by VersaDesk that can help employees to work and exercise at the same time.

1. Seated Desk Cycle by VersaDesk

The Seated Desk Cycle from VersaDesk is perfect to merge fitness with your work routine. You can now burn calories while you work and feel healthier. The cycle comes with a slim and foldable design so you can quickly set it up at your desk. When you want to stand you can keep it aside. The desk bike silently operates so that when you’re pedaling other people are not disturbed. The tension can be varied as per your need. It comes with the following features –


  • Padded seat and back support
  • Adjustable pedal straps and seat height position
  • Magnetic manual tension control
  • A built-n mode display to track your progress with speed, distance, the time elapsed & calories burned

2. The Power Lift Standing Desk by VersaDesk

The Power Lift Standing Desk is an all in one Pro Sit to Stand Riser. It comes with a programmable height adjustment technology, built-in cable management and if you opt for the gloss white as the surface color, you get a whiteboard too. It is a long-lasting adjustable standing desk built to enhance your work experience.

This is a perfect computer desk for you and can be much more. Furthermore, it offers ergonomic, programmable, and one-touch dashboard controls for the up and down height adjustment.

Make your office a better place with these products by VersaDesk. Now, coming back to the activity-oriented steps that you can inculcate in your office environment, take a look at the following points-


Explain your well-being plan with the management of the Company. You will need their support and resources to implement this plan.


Talk to all the employees and tell them about the importance of a healthy office environment. Involve everyone in your planning and thus they will be engaged throughout the entire procedure. Make committees to find out about staff needs and issues. This information can help you develop baseline measures for your plan.

Goals and Objectives

Mention the expected outcomes of your plan clearly and develop the best methods to keep track of your progress.

Budget and time

It is essential that you analyze the time and budget you have to inculcate in your plan. Make sure the activities are in time without causing hindrance in the work.


Rewards can be included to increase participation in the program. It will motivate people to work towards the ultimate goal.

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