Unlevel ground can prove to be a major stress for any builder who wants to erect a building, whether permanent or temporary. The latter requires the flat ground for the best results. According to many companies that deal with temporary structures, the cost and time of building will increase significantly if the ground is not level. The good thing is that setting up a temporary warehouse on the unlevel ground is possible. This article is for any entrepreneur who only has access to the unlevel ground for a temporary warehouse.


Hiring a Reputable Excavation Company

There is no doubt that some excavation will be necessary to level the ground. Reputable companies usually come with their machines for work. First of all, they will assess the situation because rocky terrain will require blasting and more time. Consequently, more money will be needed for the work.

The main aim is to have a flat surface where the temporary warehouse will sit. As this consideration is being made, the driveway should also be paved for delivery and collection of goods. When leveling off the ground, you will want to consider the possibility of growth in the future. If the additional ground could be leveled in advance, it will be easier to expand the warehouse. All of this requires a detailed architectural plan, and the actual work may take time to complete.

Constructing the Temporary Warehouse

After the groundwork is done, the rest of the work will be easy. Now, this is where you need to visit the Smart Space website to see what these experts can offer you. If you are hiring any other temporary building experts, make sure that they have a good reputation for building warehouses and other structures on all terrains. It is important that they detect any challenge on the ground that demands the attention of the excavation team.

If they are hired before the leveling starts, they will seamlessly work together for the best results. Many factors are considered in this case if such structures are going to function properly. For instance, the typical direction of the wind, the size of the warehouse and the steepness of the slope may determine the materials that will be used.

Cost and Time Implications

As mentioned earlier, unlevel ground increases the amount of preparation work to be completed before the warehouse is constructed. The cost and time implications may arise, but entrepreneurs can reduce them if they negotiate a good deal or compare different companies and choose to work with the best.

The ideal approach is to have a budget after picking the right quote and securing the funds before the project starts. It is not worth it to start only to stall somewhere in the middle. This means that the project will not start until some capital has already been injected. With a good plan and the necessary funds, the project should begin and be completed without a hitch.


It is possible to build your temporary warehouse on any ground. The ground that is not level requires more money, better plans and some more time to complete. The completed warehouse should serve the business in the same way as any other.