Vaping may be one of your favorite ways to unwind, but there’s a good chance some of the people around you have different thoughts on the matter. While certain members of your inner circle are likely to have no problem with vaping, the same can’t be said for everyone. As such, you should take measures to avoid inconveniencing others when having a vape. So, if you want to prevent friends, family members, and people you encounter in public from being adversely impacted by your vaping, take the following pointers to heart.

How to Avoid Inconveniencing Others When Vaping
Elsa Donald

Blow Vapor Clouds Away from People’s Faces

One of the rudest things you can do while vaping is blow vapor clouds in the direction of other people’s faces. In addition to being outright inconsiderate, such behavior can also present a danger to public health. With COVID-19 entering its third year as an active threat, now is the absolute worst time to be blowing vapor clouds in people’s faces. Given the novel coronavirus’s highly infectious nature and its propensity for spreading through aerosols, you’d do well to blow your clouds far away from others.

Even if you’re vaping in the presence of fellow vapers, this type of behavior is generally considered bad form. Just because someone enjoys vaping doesn’t mean they enjoy the smell of your preferred cartridges or appreciate having aerosols blown directly into their faces, especially during an ongoing pandemic.

Don’t Assume it’s Okay to Vape in Front of New People

If you’ve known someone for a long time, you likely know their stance on vaping. Furthermore, it’s entirely possible that the vast majority of your social circle has no objections to you vaping in their presence. However, no matter how many of your friends and family members are cool with vaping, you should abstain from assuming that everyone who enters your life is going to feel the same way.

Pulling out your vape pen and puffing away in front of someone you’re meeting for the first time is liable to create an uncomfortable situation. And remember – just because someone is too shy to ask that you do not vape in front of them doesn’t mean they’re comfortable with this. In fact, in response to such behavior, they may even make a point of avoiding you in the future.

So, if you’re unclear on someone’s stance on vaping, simply take a moment to ask before proceeding to take out your vape equipment. This will help prevent awkward situations and ensure that you know where this person stands on the subject of vaping.

Never Attempt to Stealth-Vape

As the name implies, stealth-vaping refers to the practice of secretly vaping in spaces where doing so is prohibited. Needless to say, this is a bad idea for a variety of reasons. For starters, it’s liable to get your publicly reprimanded, thereby embarrassing you and anyone you happen to be with at the time. Secondly, stealth-vaping can earn you bans from your favorite public spaces, as well as legal citations. In addition, no matter how stealthy you think you’re being, what you’re doing is likely to be obvious to everyone around you. So, even if no one speaks up, this silence should not be taken as an indication that you’ve gotten away with anything.

Proper Equipment Maintenance

For the sake of both yourself and others, you should make a point of meticulously cleaning and maintaining your vape equipment. For example, the more worn-down certain equipment becomes, the more likely it is to leak, thus inconveniencing you and anyone in your presence. In addition to proper vape maintenance, take care to replace old equipment as needed instead of hanging on to it well past its natural expiration date.

Without even realizing it, many vape enthusiasts inconvenience the people around them when enjoying one of their favorite pastimes. Even if no offense is intended, it’s important to remember that not everyone in your inner circle is going to have a similarly favorable view of vaping. Furthermore, just because a friend or a family member has no objections to vaping as a whole doesn’t necessarily mean that they want you doing it in their presence. Luckily, enjoying a good vape without inconveniencing others isn’t nearly as daunting as some people make it look – especially if you’re equipped with the pointers discussed above.