On Tuesday, two people were stabbed and two more were wounded at the Silver City Galleria Mall and at a nearby home in Taunton, Massachusetts. An off-duty law enforcement officer shot the perpetrator causing his death.

After stabbing two people in a residence in Tauton, south of Boston, the suspect drove a car and crashed it into a Macy’s store at the Silver Galleria Mall where he stabbed two more people, according to the police report.

Two people were killed and two others wounded in stabbing attacks at a shopping mall and a home in Massachusetts. Credit: 6Abc

Having no clear evidence about the suspect’s motive, it remains under investigation. “The suspect’s motive remains uncertain but at this point we are aware of no nexus to terrorism”, stated the Massachusetts State Police. In order to restore calm in people, the police said: “There is no continuing threat to the public”.

The suspect was killed after and off-duty law enforcement officer shot him. Witnesses claimed about the horror of the situation and said that the mall was immediately evacuated and the store closed. According to some testimonies, the police took control of the situation as soon as they arrived.

The incident occurred at 7 p.m on Tuesday. The victims were taken to hospitals near the scene where two of them died as a consequence of the injuries. The name of the victims has not yet been revealed.

Source: Wave 3