Finding the perfect live wedding band for one’s special day does not have to be complicated. Various event companies now offer biographies, photos, and clips of wedding bands. In addition, the rise of social media has made it easier than ever to listen to a band’s repertoire. Do not hesitate to shop around and choose one perfect for the wedding of one’s dreams.

Hiring the Perfect Live Wedding Band

Types of Wedding Bands

Various types of wedding bands can be hired depending on one’s musical preferences, budget, and wedding style.

For example, popular choices are classical, rock, jazz, or even swing bands. Other examples include R and B bands, soul bands, Celtic bands, and pop groups.

  • Classical Ensembles – Classical bands can range from solo harpists, cellists, flautists, duos, string quartets, to full orchestras.
  • Rock and Roll Bands – Rock bands are popular for playing a variety of music, including classic rock and roll of the 50s and 60s, to hard rock, metal, and even current favorites.
  • Jazz and Blues Bands – Jazz and Blues bands are always a crowd favorite for sophisticated, but perhaps, laid back ceremonies.
  • Swing Bands – Swing bands are perfect for 1950s lovers and are sure to get your crowd dancing.

For some Caribbean flavor, consider reggae bands and steel drum bands. Steel drum bands are often a Trinidadian musical ensemble, which uses pans or steel pans from oil barrels to create beautiful island sounds.

Other Considerations for Choosing a Wedding Band

Apart from the type of music and style, one must also consider the venue. Is the wedding outdoor or indoor? Is the venue small or large? Can a small hall accommodate a full orchestra? Is an outdoor wedding appropriate for a jazz band?

Steel bands and reggae bands can be perfect for outdoor weddings, while swing bands and quartets, would best suit indoor weddings.

In addition, the cost must be considered as well. A single performer will be must less costly than hiring a full orchestra. For weddings that are out of town or challenging to get to, consider extra mileage costs and time spent commuting.

Benefits of a Live Wedding Band

A live wedding band is a perfect way to liven up a wedding and create a fun and memorable event for all one’s guests. It can also provide a unique touch and personalized atmosphere for one’s special day.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Band

Choosing the perfect wedding band is now easier than ever.

Asking friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family members for recommendations are one of the easiest ways to find a wedding band. Everyone knows at least someone who has recently been married! Ask them for recommendations, look at wedding videos, and shop around.

Today’s wedding bands also have social media accounts. It is easy to find photos, video clips of music, and artist biographies.

Event companies also now offer biographies and descriptions of live wedding bands as well. One can easily choose and book one through various companies that can be found in all major Canadian and US cities.

In addition, for those who have time, try to see the band performing life if at all possible.

Average Costs of Live Wedding Bands

Depending on the type and size of the band, costs had varied widely. However, the average cost of a live wedding band in the United States is approximately $4,500 USD. $600 USD is average for a lower range, small, and less-professional band, with the upper range being $10,000 USD or more. Most couples spend approximately $2,850 – $6,488 USD.

Costs are often similar in Canada as well. For example, live wedding bands can range from $4,000 to $12,000 CAD.

Several factors contribute to costs. These include how long the band will be performing at the wedding. Most bands charge per set-time but charge extra for after-hours parties and cocktail hour. Secondly, the fewer performers, the cheaper the cost, the more performers, the higher the price. Thirdly, most bands ask for extra money for learning a specific song, not in their repertoire. Fourthly, if the band has to travel, one may have to pay for gas, mileage, and even accommodations. If the band does not wish to eat the catered food, meals will have to be provided as well. Lastly, extras, such as projectors, audio equipment, such as mixers, and lighting systems will cost extra as well.

Additional considerations, such as the popularity of the band and the season of the wedding are both factors that need to be taken into consideration as well. Summers are perfect for weddings, however, bands will often be booked up, or charge a premium because of demand. Book early, or consider a winter wonderland wedding.

Choosing a live wedding band is now easier than ever. Social media, recommendations, and event planners can all help greatly simplify the process.