The lovely toddler Prince George threw a royal tantrum this Friday on his first official royal engagement in the United Kingdom. The almost three-year-old prince attended the Royal International Air Tattoo in Gloucestershire, England, accompanied by his parents, the Duke, and Duchess of Cambridge.

We do not know what caused Prince George’s meltdown. Maybe the noise of the helicopters, the protocol, or perhaps he was so excited that he did not know how to react. Although he is known for being a usually well-behaved toddler, his first official public engagement will always be remembered as his first public tantrum as well.

Two-year-old Prince George joined his father Prince William and mother Duchess Kate at the Royal International Air Tattoo — the world’s largest annual military air show — in Gloucestershire, England. Credit: Today

According to E! News, his first event was not smooth at all. Prince George appeared to break down in sort of tantrum before boarding a helicopter with his mom Kate and his dad William at the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford. Once Duchess Kate realized her son was crying, she quickly scooped him up in her arms, which made him stop the tantrum right away.

Prince George was overwhelmed by the noise of the copters

People magazine reports that Prince George was a little bit “apprehensive” due to all the protocol that was going on. Inside the helicopter, they say that the toddler prince was too nervous to sit with his dad, Prince William, near the controls; therefore, he was in the back seat with his mom the Duchess Kate Middleton.

“He seemed overawed with the noise and being inside a helicopter. It was a lovely family moment; we shut the doors so they could have a quiet moment to themselves. The Duke was telling him, ‘I used to fly these.’ George was very quiet,” flight Lieutenant Jim Hobkirk said.

He also said that everyone was just trying to make Prince George happy because the noise from the helicopters and everything that was going on around him was a little bit too much for the little prince, but in the end, he was calmed and seemed quite subdued.

Despite Prince George’s moment at the beginning of the event, he enjoyed a lot the outing. Some have reported that he said goodbye to the public and pointed at the planes in the sky.

As Prince George kept saying “tail rotor,” Hobkirk believes that the Duke of Cambridge and his son have talked about helicopters before, so the little prince had some knowledge about the official engagement.  He says it was happy to hear that technical term as it seems a future training.

According to Cadet Lucinda Conder, the Duchess of Cambridge said that her son was obsessed with airplanes after showing him a photo of a Spitfire Fighter Plane. At the 75th anniversary of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets Middleton told the crew of cadets that Prince George liked the air army and wanted to join them when he gets older.

For this event, Prince George wore some navy knee-length shorts, a splendid white polo, some children’s shoes and some regular knee socks, as well as a pair of blue noise-blocking headphones to protect his ears from the noisy copters.

Source: International Business Times