As Halloween gets nearer than ever, the sense of horror among people also increases. Since this summer, some people have been dressing up as clowns scaring others. It all started in early August, in Greenville South Carolina, when clowns were trying to lure children into the woods.

This was later followed in Maryland and then in more than 20 states in all the US. This became later a deal in other countries too, like Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Germany.  This has even called the attention of the White House. The Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, was asked about the recent arrests of creepy clowns last Tuesday. People and authorities are actually scared that these clowns could cause real harm to others. And as Halloween gets closer, the measures are getting stronger.

A couple photographed themselves in clown costumes and posted them on social media. Image Credit: KABC

In Brevard County, Florida, as reported by USA Today, two men were charged for being dressed as clowns, being armed and making threats. The residents say they will be exercising their Second Amendment this Halloween. Kimberly Kersey will be taking her little kid to go trick or treating´ and stated that if she saw any threat that could harm her son, she will not think twice to use her weapon. Sheriff Wayne Ivey said patrols will increase to guarantee everybody´s security.

In Kemper County, Mississippi, it is now illegal to be dressed as a clown until November 1st, the day after Halloween. Sheriff James Moore said this situation is alarming and that all those seen as clowns will have to pay a fine of 150 dollars. In many other places like Parsippany, New Jersey, schools banned the use of these costumes that may scare and make others feel threatened.

Even Target and most costume shops have pulled their clown merchandise from the shelves.

The fear of clowns

Benjamin Radford, who published his book “Bad Clowns” in April this year says -as reported by the Baltimore Sun – that this immense fear does not surprise him. In the history of panics, it is not the first one but it is the largest one.

The fear of clowns comes particularly because they have a mask-like appearance, which makes people wonder or think that they are hiding something. This makes them question what are their real intentions. The things unknown to the human being always cause a sense of panic.

Michelle Sun Smith, the division director of psychology at the Loyola University in Maryland, stated that social media is the perfect platform to spread all this panic. People can create a fake profile and impact society in a way that is not possible without this tool, she said to the Baltimore Sun. This intensifies it, making an important component.

“Clown Lives Matter”

But some clowns are also affected by it. This is the case of Jordan Jones, a man who lives working as a clown. Due to the last scared rushes, the business has not been going well for him. He even felt threatened by the negative comments on his social media. It happens the same with Edith Lere, who has been playing Sparkles the Clown for 20 years now.

But Jones got a way out of it. After being harassed in his social networks, a friend took a picture of him dressed as a clown holding a sign saying “Clown Lives Matter”. This went viral and got him ultimate fame, saving him from his job loss. He was interviewed by Time and Hollywood Reported. There is also a Facebook group with more than 2,000 members.

Now, Jones will be presenting himself in a show in Screamland. The message he is sending is that it is unfair that people like him get affected so negatively by this fashion fear. Clowns are here to entertain and give joy, he stated.

Source: The Baltimore Sun.