New York City – Singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani talked to Lee Cowan about her new album titled “This Is What the Truth Feels Like” and how it helped her overcome her divorce with singer Gavin Rossdale. The interview will be broadcast on CBS’ “Sunday Morning.”

Stefani, 46 years old, had managed to keep privately many of the details of her separation from Rossdale, but now he has open up about the terrible period that has rocked her life since August 2015. She said during the interview that at the moment of her divorce everything was like she had no skin.

Stefani responded with a short tweet that read “OMG!” with a kiss-face emoji and the hashtag #muse. Credit: Today

“During that time period, I felt like I was down all the way, like, you don’t go down lower than that,” Stefani said. “It was rock bottom. I was so embarrassed, you know what I mean?”

The singer said her new album was really a life-saver record for her. She explained that after going through the worst tragedy she understood God had given her a gift and that she didn’t use it, she would die.

Blake Shelton is her muse

In the interview, Stefani didn’t just talk with Cowan about the divorce. She also talked about her current life which includes a romance with Blake Shelton, a country star whom she met on the reality singing show, “The Voice”. When they met, Shelton was also going through a break up with his wife, Miranda Lambert.

The singer said that she found a friend in Shelton while she was going through all that craziness. She considers him a miracle that saved her from so much.

On the same day, her new album was released, the country star bought 5 copies of his girlfriend’s new record and posted a photo on his twitter account saying “I may have gone overboard….”

Source: CBS New