Marques Brownlee, internet personality, presented the new Google custom case on his YouTube channel this Thursday. The live case for Nexus smartphones is already available on the Google store.

The live case was designed to work with some Nexus’ smartphones; The Nexus 5S, P6 and 6. The case does not offer much protection, but it lets the user choose the design and the process is actually very simple.

Not only are the cases customizable from an appearance standpoint, but they also include a shortcut button that allows you to launch your favorite apps in a hurry. Credit: Droid Life

If you have one of the compatible smartphones, you just have to go to the Google store and upload a picture. After that, a browser is going to open showing you a digital preview of the case. In a similar fashion to editing a profile picture, you can move the image until it’s in your preferred position.

You could, for example, upload an Ironman drawing and move it until the camera is placed at one of his hand cannons and then take pew pictures.

But there’s more, the browser has a toolbar that allows you to change colors, introduce patterns, dots, lines and a lot of cool stuff. According to Mr. Browniee, the phone fits perfectly into the case and there is a little extra space in the front part, so your screen does not scratch when you leave it to face down on a table.

In addition, you can open Google Maps (GM) from within the browser and choose a special location as an image. In other words, you could search in GM where you and your wife went on the first date, customize it as much as you want and then become the best husband in history, if you can remember where that was.

The button

But since looks aren’t everything, the company also added an extra button on the rear of the case. First, you fit your phone on it to check that everything is dandy and then, when you press the button for the first time, it will take you to the Google store to download a free app.

Once you download it, the image you uploaded to make your live case will be set as your screen wall. In addition, the app will let you attach any function to the extra button; apps, pages, tags, pretty much anything. Let’s suppose you attend a lot of hearings, you could attach the voice recorder to the button and by holding on it for a sec, you can start recording in a quicker and simpler way.

All in all, live cases look great, but they are limited to Nexus users. However, it’s Google we are talking about, so it would be safe to expect live cases for everybody in the future.

Source: Youtube